Have To Vs. Get To

Have To Vs. Get ToYou probably have 100 or more things to be done today. We all do. But how you choose to look at each thing to be done will fashion how you experience your day. Do you see your tasks as Have To Vs. Get To when it comes to your day?

Have To Vs. Get To

By simply changing two little words, you can experience a completely different perspective in your daily experiences. If you “have to do” everything, you feel trapped, obligated, and maybe even a victim of everything that is heaped upon you. But if you see everything that you “get to do” it changes everything, it puts you in charge but also allows you be grateful for each opportunity that is presented to you.

It is the simplest form of reframing that is available to you if you choose to embrace it.

  • HAVE TO frames things in a way that says I am obligated or required. It’s negative in most cases.
  • GET TO frames it more from a sense of gratitude and appreciation. It’s positive.

For example:

You have to take the kids to school. Vs. You get to take the kids to school. – How fortunate both you and your children are that they have access to education everyday, a safe place to go where they can grow and be among friends.

You have to go to work. Vs. You get to go to work. – Not everyone has a job or a means to make an income. By looking at work as you “get to” it sets you up to be more grateful for your gainful employment and the ability to bring home a paycheck.

You have to run X many miles today. Vs. You get to run X many miles today. – How wonderful it is that you are healthy and fit enough to get out and MOVE each day under your own power when many cannot. You can substitute “run” for yoga, walking, swimming, etc. You “get to” enjoy and experience the freedom and benefits from being able to exercise.

These are just three examples of have to vs. get to but I think they get the point across. Changing your perspective may not change what goes on your to-do list, but it certainly makes a difference when it comes to how those things get done. Make the choice to replace Have To with Get To and see how your perspective and your life changes as a result.

Is your day filled with things you “have to do” or is it filled with things that you “get to do?”

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 14 October 2016

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