Having Fun At Funerals

having fun at funeralsLast night I watched Death at a Funeral and it was really quite funny. There was one scene in particular that made me laugh and wonder if having fun at funerals is really all that bad?

Having Fun At Funerals

As a young (too young) of a child I was towed to excessively many funerals. To be honest, they scared the living crap out of me and that premature exposure to death rather scarred me.

Dead old people that I really did not know lying in an open casket freaked me out to no end. I remember the walk up to many open caskets with my eyes closed so tightly that it hurt. Ultimately, I would end up looking at the corpse lying there and not really understanding WHY I was even there.

I probably attended more funerals by the time I was five than most people do in a lifetime.

Personally, I don’t think kids need to be at funerals, especially if they do not understand what is going on. Therefore, I call bad parenting on that one… Mom and Dad should have sprung for a few babysitters… just saying…

But this isn’t about that. This is about having fun at funerals.

Back to the movie, there was as scene where the casket gets knocked over and the body of the deceased just rolls right out onto the floor and shocking everyone in attendance.

Of course, I laughed.

Melissa was doing some work and not paying attention so I told her what had happened in the move and then I asked her, “So… if I were dead and at my funeral someone knocked over the casket and I rolled out onto the floor… what would do?”

Her response was typical Melissa… she laughed until she was red in the face (that was my answer by the way) but then we took the hypothetical even further… What would my daughter Annie do if that happened? This caused Melissa to laugh even more as we imagined my daughter first mortified, then trying to not laugh, followed by losing it herself.

At any rate, this little discussion got me thinking and if something like that were to happen and the two most special people in my life were to laugh one last time at me or at my expense and if it did the slightest thing to ease any pain or sense of loss… I think it would be great! Fun at funerals – why not?

All of this random talk about funerals and specifically having fun at funerals has a point to it. At funerals we tend (I think) to reminisce and talk about all of the good things about a person, all of the good things that they did, and the good days that they had. We focus on the positive in the wake of their leaving us. So why don’t we do the same thing about our own lives, about ourselves, and for ourselves while we are still here living and breathing.

When it comes to life… there are no bad days. Sure, they might suck in the moment, and I can think of some days that were spectacularly horrific years ago but right now, they are nothing but a blip… now, at worse, they are just possibly interesting stories, and at best, maybe cautionary tales for others to heed.

There are no bad days… even at funerals and there is nothing wrong with having fun at funerals either… nobody should mind and I can tell you that the dearly departed would probably prefer you to have a few laughs and would love to be laughing with you if they could.

Regardless… Live now. Laugh now. Love now.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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