Hop In Front Of The Train

hop in front of the trainFor the past few months there has been an issue that I have been dealing with and most of my response to it has been defensive damage control. But today I took a chance and chose to hop in front of the train in order to gain final resolution.

I won’t go into details about it as they are not important but the issue has been sticky enough to create stress, derail sleep, and make me generally unhappy about other things as well.

This past weekend while thinking about the situation and what to do I realized something… It’s not that I have been reacting to it all in the sense of reacting versus responding but I have definitely been in reaction mode and ultimately one step behind and performing again, more damage control.

Hop In Front Of The Train

The insights that I gained from this weekend were invaluable in the sense that I realized I have been handling this situation rather wrong from the beginning. Maybe when the problem first came up in January, sure, containment and handling the situation carefully was appropriate… but to stay in that mode was doing nothing to get me ahead.

I realized that it was time to go on the offensive rather than being on the defense in order to stop the tempo of the situation which was being determined by others.

It was time for me to speak my truth, to be authentic, and to lay all of my cards out on the table. It was time for me to hop in front of the train, and regardless of the outcome, which to be honest, I had no specific outcome in mind past finally knowing that I had finally stood up and fully addressed the issue in which needed addressing.

Is the issue fully resolved? I don’t know, it is for now at least. Ultimately, I hope that it is… but if I have learned anything in the past 72 hours it is this… Sometimes you have to hop in front of the train. It takes courage and it involves potential risk, but it also comes down to facing whatever it is that you must and regardless of the outcome, you can be proud of yourself for tackling it head-on.

Is there a difficult conversation that you have been avoiding or putting off altogether? Is there a scary decision that you feel you must make but you are still procrastinating? Maybe there is a situation that you wish to leave and leaving is a scary proposition?

Consider that it might be time for you to hop in front of the train and take things head on. Screw up your courage to use your voice and say what is on your mind. Be brave and express not only your authenticity but also what you want (or don’t want) based on your true core values.

I can’t guarantee it will fix everything but I do promise you this… no matter how the chips fall afterwards, you will feel better knowing that not only did you do your best but that you were also 100% true to yourself as well.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo by Andy Wooten 22 July 2010

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