How Do You View The World?

how do you view the worldHow do you view the world? Is it a dangerous place in which we are lucky if we get out alive? (Spoiler alert – we do not.) Or do you see it as a safer place full of opportunity and wonderment?

How Do You View The World?

To simplify things there are really only two ways in which to view the world. Either you can view the world from a place of fear or you can view it from a place of faith.

How do you view the world – is it with faith or with fear?

Admittedly, I grew up with a lot of fear. Lots and lots of fear about everything from the ever-present threat of instant nuclear annihilation, going straight to hell if I was not a good boy, and even afraid of things that really didn’t exist but I was told to fear anyway.

My father most certainly lived a life of fear that unfortunately was imprinted upon me and took me many years to overcome and see past. He had this fear and paranoia of “them” – some mysterious and secretive collective of people, whose only mission was to hold others down (or worse) if “they” were displeased. It took me a long time to figure out that “they” simply did not exist.

What makes that story even sadder was that he carried those fears to his grave with him. He never saw the world as a place full of all the good things that life has to offer. But even worse, if you think about it… he wasn’t and isn’t the only one who lives their whole life from a place of fear…

Deepak Chopra said, “All of us were imprinted one of two ways: either the world is dangerous with moments of safety, or the world is safe with moments of danger.”

When I first read that line many years ago I was probably somewhere in the middle, I wasn’t totally fearful of life, but at the same time I didn’t exactly feel 100% safe in the world either.

However, it was also at that moment where I realized that I had a choice. That it was up to me to choose how I see and experience the world and my life. Which do you think I chose?

See, if you live a life of fear, how can ANYTHING ever be fun and enjoyable? And even more importantly, how could you ever allow anyone to be close to you? If you are that fearful, how could you ever trust, which is the cornerstone of any intimate relationship, be it romantic or not. How could ever not feel alone and cut off from everything if your only drive is to protect and shield yourself from all potential harm. How could you ever love or feel love?

Regardless of how we may be “imprinted” in our youth, we can always choose and work towards believing the opposite of what we were taught or what behaviors and beliefs were modeled for us.

Instead of embracing or holding onto beliefs like, “If anything can go wrong it will…” we are just as open to believing the opposite… “If anything can go RIGHT it will…” But only if we choose to do so.

I’m not saying that real and actual dangers and threats do not exist out in the world today but if fearing those things 24×7 starts to affect your health and well-being because that is all you choose to focus on… that’s a different story.

Regardless of what dangerous things are in today’s world, we still have to have hope and see what is actually good in the world and in our lives because there is so much that is.

So, again… how do you view the world? Because it comes down to this… your level of optimism and positivity is directly proportional to the level of joy that you will experience throughout life. And if that is true, so is the opposite…  In life, you will experience exactly what it is that you focus on. Nothing more and nothing less.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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