How Low Will You Go?

Time is money and money is time. I believe many of us have an inner entrepreneur that is eager to bust out. With limitless resources just about anyone could launch a successful venture. But if you have limited resources and trying to get something off of the ground then how low will you go?

It’s easy to take the jump and start a new business when you have the financial backing as a safety net. That’s what held me back for so long. I could not afford to leave my career to start a new one. The way my life was setup demanded that I keep making an income to stay afloat and that was too much to try to make work back then.

But what if you did take that step and things are not panning out like you hoped? How long do you wait until you give up and go running back to what you know?

It’s like playing a game of chicken every month. Maybe next month you will have enough sales, maybe next month you will have enough clients, maybe next month you will be making enough money… Yet, next month isn’t coming soon enough… Basically you are piloting a plane in a nosedive headed straight for the ground, you don’t want to flinch and pull back on the stick because you have faith the plane will right itself… instead the ground keeps coming up at you. How low will you go in order to keep your dream alive?

I guess that is what makes being an entrepreneur so fun. It’s a constant game of risks until you get things figured out and have a steady flow of income to support you. There is the element of risk but it also involves a great deal of faith as well. In a way, being an entrepreneur can be a very spiritual exercise.

Everyone is different of course… some people can’t take the idea of risk at all and never even take the chance… others give things a shot but then pull out as soon as it gets uncomfortable. While others ‘damn the torpedoes” and go for broke and although they might not fulfill their dream (that time) they auger into the earth in a great fireball of glory. They were committed to go all the way even into ruin if needed.

And incidentally it is usually that last group that eventually finds massive success…

How low will you go? It’s an important question to ask yourself, important to answer, and also important to have plans for if needed.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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