How To Crush Anxiety

how to crush anxietyThere have been times when I have been plagued with anxiety but thankfully, it is not a prevalent thing for me. Anxiety is real (especially nowadays) so learning how to crush anxiety is very important.

How To Crush Anxiety

In my life, I may have had only one real physical reaction to anxiety in the form of a full-blown panic attack. Beyond that, I can only remember one other period where anxiety was an issue for an extended period and I solved that problem with peach cobbler.

In order to understand how to crush anxiety it is important to first understand its root cause or causes. If you are always worried wondering “what if…” or if you feel as if you are constantly working and getting nowhere like a hamster on a wheel… these things can cause anxiety.

Fear of the unknown, fear of what others think of you, fear of failure, fear not being in control… all of these things can cause anxiety as well. We live in a time and space that is critical and hard to deal with at times… hell, just watch CNN for five minutes and you will see what I mean, and unfortunately anxiety plagues the young just as much as the old anymore.

Antidepressants are not only mass prescribed for depression but also many times for anxiety and helping people to cope.

However, not all anxiety is bad… just as there is good fear and bad fear… there can be good anxiety that can be a powerful motivator. If you have a big test coming up or a project due, the associated anxiety can motivate you to finish your work or to study.

Anxiety can also alert you to danger and keep you out of harms way. You might feel anxious because you know feel that you are moving in the wrong direction and that anxiety is a signal to make changes in order for your conscience to be at rest, at peace, and calm.

Anxiety can work for you – as long as it moves you to the right kind of action.

Bad anxiety… well it is just that, bad. Bad anxiety can trap you within a maze of negative thinking and that will just create more anxiety if you think about it.

Anxiety can bring on a number of unpleasant physical symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, and heart palpitations. So what can you do if anxiety seems to be working against you rather than for you?

The first step in how to crush anxiety is to question the reasonableness of your anxiety. Being concerned about things in life is one thing; being overly anxious is another. Unless anxiety leads you toward a solution, it will only add to your problem – or become a problem of its own.

Put your situation in perspective, focus on the big picture and stop stressing over the little stuff. When you put your anxieties in perspective, you are less likely to be overwhelmed by them.

Take things one day at a time and think it through. Will what you are anxious about today matter tomorrow, in a month, in a year, or in five years? It never makes sense to take on tomorrow’s problems – most of which will never even become a reality.

For me, one of the best ways to crush anxiety is simply to talk it through with someone. Talk to someone close to you, your partner, your friends, family, and if you have a therapist or a coach that you are working with, even better.

When we keep our fears that are usually undefined bottled up – when we bring them out into the open and into the light by talking to someone else, identifying that fear and giving that fear a name will go a long way in taking power away from that fear and anxiety. Most fears and anxieties do not do well when exposed to light of day… just like vampires.

How to crush anxiety – first check to see if what you are anxious about is worth the worry and if it is, are you seeing things in their right perspective or not. Do not worry about tomorrow, plan for tomorrow, sure, but do not stress over it with needless anxiety.

Control is an illusion and most of what causes us anxiety is trying to control what we cannot. Lastly, talk to someone that you can trust and get it out into the open, reducing the hold that anxiety has over you and if you cannot do that, then this is a great time to journal and write everything down on paper. Just get it out.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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