How To Make Awesome Things Happen

how to make awesome things happenYou have to get up and get into the game… that is how to make awesome things happen and the only way to make awesome things happen. The awesome things in life rarely happen if all you are doing is sitting around on your butt and hoping they will.

How To Make Awesome Things Happen

Eventually, you are going to realize that success does not come to those who sit around waiting passively in life. You have to go out there and make it happen. You… yes, you!

They say that it is better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission and that is true to a point. Stop waiting for the permission of others to do something awesome. But most importantly stop waiting to receive permission from yourself. Trust in yourself enough to make your own decisions, your ability to take action, and then just do it.

Not everyone you know will enthusiastically agree with your ideas, what you want to do, and even more so if they are new ideas or directions. Don’t wait for approval or permission from others before taking on a new challenge in life. Confident people blaze their own paths in life and know how to make awesome things happen – so don’t rely on the approval or permission of others to begin or to do anything new.

Choose which voice inside of your head you want to listen to and silence your inner critic. Do you want to listen to the voice that says, “You can do it,” or the one that says, “You’ve got no chance pulling this off?” You can choose if you wish to pause, to think, and then ultimately decide which voice you want to listen to at any time. Your words, even those spoken or heard inside your head have the power to create magic in you life, it’s up to decide then if the magic you wish to weave into your life is that of a positive or negative nature.

Those who know how to make awesome things happen are not afraid of failure so don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is a necessary part of personal growth and learning. Look honestly at where things went wrong, learn from that, and move on without dwelling on your mistake with the confidence that you will only do better the next time. If you are going to fear anything… fear the regret of never trying.

But if does come to pass that you do fail… When you do fail, get up and try again. Show me someone who has never fallen down, never messed up a given task or fallen short of a goal and I will show you a person who really isn’t even trying at life… a person who is ultimately playing it safe, and playing it safe is playing to lose.

You may fail and you may not but if you do fail, learn from the experience. Start over and do your best again, again… you might succeed you might not… but keep at it until you do succeed. Just remember that after each failure that letting go of failure is what you have to do to get back up and back into the ring again.

Just as it is important to never seek the approval or permission of others, it is also important to ignore the haters – those who would otherwise sabotage your dreams. People may criticize your dream, make fun of your dream, and they just might ignore your dreams altogether… The bottom line is that you should never allow anyone to derail your dreams and ambitions. When anyone attempts to do just that – it is always has more to do with their fears and insecurities than it has to do with you dream or your abilities to make it happen.

Ignore the negative and toxic people in your life who may be holding you back. Some people are just butt-holes or just toxic who live just to shoot down the dreams of other people. These people you should remove from your life altogether or at least, go to great lengths to limit their impact in your life. If you feel like you are being held back, then ask yourself, “Who is in your way?” Is it you, could it be other people, or maybe even a combination of the two?

Tomorrow is always a day away… Stop waiting for things to be perfect because they never will be. The perfect time to take action or to begin anything just does not exist. There is always an excuse to put off change and the timing excuse is one of the worst ways to talk yourself into procrastination. Now is always the best time to start and starting now is how to make awesome things happen.

Lastly… you have to have faith and truly believe that you are capable, worthy, and that you know how to make awesome things happen. Believe that you can and at least you will have a shot… believe that you can’t and you won’t.

You’ll never get ahead in life if you keep waiting for things to happen. So my challenge to you: Do Epic Shit. Get out there and do it… be it… and ultimately, that is how you make awesome things happen.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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