I Do Not Believe In Coincidences

Over ten years ago I read The Celestine Prophecy for the first time. The first chapter more or less conveys that there are no coincidences and ever since I read that book I do not believe in coincidences anymore.

Everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. It is those two facts that caused me to see the inner-working and relationships between everything. Everything that we do DOES have an impact in one way or the other and though we may not see it at first, there will be results consequently.

Here is an interesting story that actually happened to me this week to prove my point…

I was at a large social function on Wednesday night here in Aspen and I was lovingly introduced to the many people in the group by one of the people holding the event. I was introduced by my name, that I live here, and that I am professional life coach.

Afterwards, a lady came up to me and asked if I had been on a podcast. I laughed and said yes that I had been and asked her if she had heard it on Unlimited Perspectives to which she responded in the affirmative.

Now this is neat… I met Bill Sklodowski who owns Unlimited Perspectives through the QSCA where I got my coaching certification from and from that “connection” he wanted to interview me for his show. (Notice how I put connection in quotes.)

Now was it a coincidence that I live in town of 6000 people, I was at a function with maybe 50 people, that I was introduced by name and by my profession and this lady singled me out because she listened to one podcast among the millions of podcasts out there? I think not…

The story gets better…

I called Bill the next day because I knew he would get a kick out of the story. As people who produce and publish content constantly on the web, it is always nice to see or hear how your stuff is “getting out there” and I wanted him to know that he had at least one other listener here in Aspen besides myself.

As I suspected he was pleasantly surprised to hear the story and shared with me how his site and subsequent traffic and visitors has been going. Then he mentioned that he had actually been meaning to call me and discuss something with me that I could help with. (Looks like a coincidence, right?)

He is wanting to change the focus of his shows, or some of them more towards how entrepreneurism and personal development go hand in hand and he was also wanting me to come back on the show. Well, now it was my turn to laugh and be entertained and I told him that I enjoyed where his head is.

I kept laughing and told him that I thought it was an awesome idea because I had just written this article, Want Personal Growth – Become An Entrepreneur! Personally, this is one of my favorite pieces that I have written in a while and I have/had ideas to take the concepts and lesson in that article even further. (Another coincidence? I think not.)

I think this story illustrates how coincidences are potentially a little bit more than what we see on the surface. Do you see how the story actually circles back around onto itself? If I had not done that interview months ago, if the lady Wednesday night had not listened to the podcast, if I had not gone to the function Wednesday night, if I had not written that specific article a few weeks ago, if I had not been inclined to call Bill and share the story with him… And now we are going to do another show together in the near future… pretty neat, right?

How about you? Do you believe in coincidences and the connectedness of everything and that things just don’t happen by accident or happenstance?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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