If It Does Not Challenge You…

challenge“If it does not challenge you it will not change you,” was my response to some standard morning banter (meaning back and forth teasing) in our household the other morning. Yeah, that got an eye roll…

If It Does Not Challenge You…

To be honest, I don’t remember the full extent of the conversation but it was somewhat centered on the challenges that Melissa, my partner, was going to be facing that day. And as she was listing them out loud and what not… she finished by saying, “and I am looking at my biggest challenge right now,” while staring at me. And that was when I broke out the witty, “If it does not challenge you…” response.

I already mentioned the eye-roll as she was walking out the door, right?

Nevertheless, it’s true! The quickest and most sure path to personal development is to do the things in life that challenge you most and more often than not, the things that will challenge you the most are the very exact things that you do not want or feel like doing. It is all about taking the hard steps in life.

If you think I am wrong, then consider this… If all you do is read the same book over and over again, after a bit you are going to get all that you can out of it. Until you read a different book with different theories, thoughts, and content, which might be a little harder for you to grasp, you are not going to learn, or in this case, change.

Your development as reader probably started with Janet & Mark, but look how quickly that evolved in such a short amount of time when you were a kid. Your teachers consistently gave you new books after you finished the previous one. New books with bigger words, bigger sentences, and more content which you were challenged to not only read but to also comprehend.

It challenged you and it changed you, even if it was just your reading ability.

So as cheesy as the saying, “if it doesn’t challenge you,” is… it is true… and the bigger the challenge appears to you… the bigger the guarantee of personal growth and new skills and knowledge.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 17 October 2010

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