If You Don’t Believe In Yourself …

It seems obvious but believing in yourself is another one of those “inside jobs.” Because really, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Believing in yourself is the cornerstone to building a life of success and without that; you are sunk.

Why is believing in yourself so important? When you believe in yourself, you reinforce the idea that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Again, this may seem fairly obvious, but so many of us are filled with crippling self-doubt and self-depreciating thoughts that prevent us from even taking the first step toward success or anything that we may want in life.

Fear is no longer such an issue if you have a strong sense of self-belief. You stop putting yourself down, and you stop worrying about the worst thing that can happen. Instead of allowing negative thoughts to sabotage any of your efforts you take the time to build yourself up instead.

If you don’t believe in yourself or if you have a hard time believing in yourself, then take a moment when needed to look back at all of your successes in life. After all, there will be those too! If you believe in yourself, you can look back on all the times you’ve used your talents to do well in your life. Not only do you recognize your successes, but you also frame your failures simply as times your efforts didn’t pay off or even as learning experiences.

Again, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? When you believe in yourself, and you exhibit that confidence, then others will believe in you too allowing you to inspire and even motivate them to do the same.

When you can talk yourself up and believe in yourself, you’re consciously and powerfully building your life. When you count every with that you have ever experienced, you’re actually building up your confidence an belief in yourself even more. Too often we focus on the negative aspects of ourselves and get caught up in a loop of negative thinking. Believing in ourselves helps us to break that cycle or negative spiral and we begin to see all of our weaknesses as aspects to be improved, and all our strengths as things to acknowlege.

You’ve probably been told many times to believe in yourself in your life. While you may not have taken it too seriously, there is great power in that advice. Because if you don’t believe in yourself…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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