I’m In Success Magazine!

successmagazine2Today is a huge day and for me and a very exciting one. I was out at lunchtime and stopped in the local grocery store and there it was… the September issue of Success magazine! What is so great about that is that there is an article in it that I was interviewed for. Of course, you are probably wondering just how all of this played out, right?

As you probably know I blog prolifically for my website andywooten.com and am constantly adding new content to my life coaching blog on the site. An article that I wrote in December was discovered this past spring by a writer for Success Magazine and he interviewed me about my business just a couple of months ago.

Not only that, he also interviewed on of my past clients which to be honest is nothing less than a glowing review and awesome copy promoting not only the life coaching business in general but also paints me and my services in a rather positive light.

You can read the article, Inside the Coaching Industry by following the title/link if you are interested.

The big question is how will this affect my business? I am not sure. Success Magazine has self-reported circulation of 500,000 readers and that does not include their online content. That is a lot of exposure… more than I can imagine.

I can tell you that I have already had inquiries because of the article.

So, it’s winning all around. Free press in front of potentially thousands of readers and not only is the press free, it is even very positive. I find it all very exciting.

But the most important takeaway for me is this… If I had not committed to myself to the principles of inbound marketing… If I had not made it my goal to write something every day that is intended to help people… If I had not been consistent in my writing and posting every day… If I did not show up… and most importantly… If I did not have faith and believe in myself… this would have never happened.

Believe in what you are doing, whatever that is, and stick with it. You never know what may happen and where it may ultimately lead you because I can surely tell you that this was never something that I expected or envisioned.

I just now that right now I am feeling extremely blessed, fortunate, and completely excited all at the same time!

This is a win!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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