Instant Attitude Adjustment

instant attitude adjustmentIt is Friday and we have all gone through the wringer this week. Energies are low, frustrations are high, and the only thing that might matter right now is hitting that door at five o’clock. We all could do with an instant attitude adjustment.

Instant Attitude Adjustment

These tips for an instant attitude adjustment might be handy right now on a Friday afternoon but really can be used at any time. There isn’t anything challenging here to do… it is just that you have to do them!

Smile – It takes more energy to frown than it does to smile. I don’t care if you have the goofiest grin in the world, smile and share that with the world.

What is going right? – Take a moment and look at your day and if you have time your entire week. You can focus on that parking ticket that you got on Monday or you can be grateful that you even have a car and the freedom of transportation… Cell phone blowing up and driving you crazy? Congratulations… you more than likely have friends!

Let go of what you cannot change. – We are really good at getting bogged down and fretting over so much of the small stuff in life and so much of that small stuff is not anything that is within our power to change. If you can fix it, then fix it, if not, let it go.

Decide to be happy. – Happiness is not a place or time down the road… you can only be happy now in the present and being happy is always a choice. Remember, there are two rules to being happy…

Stop taking things personally. – This is most empowering thing that you can ever do for yourself and the best instant attitude adjustment ever. 99.9999% of the things that people say, or do, or think – even if you “think” it is directed towards you – it has nothing do with you.

Stop comparing yourself to other people! – Seriously, stop it! Comparing yourself to others is enemy number one to your self-esteem and self-confidence. Focus on your own achievements and stay in your own lane!

Forgive yourself! – Do not hang on to the errors of the past because hanging on to those only serves to hold you in the past. If you are not where you expected to be in life or planned to be in life, it might be a good idea to forgive yourself for that as well. We are exactly where and when we are supposed to be at any given moment. So don’t panic about the where you “should” be, because you will get there when you’re meant to get there.

If you needed an instant attitude adjustment I hope these tips and tricks help… attitude is everything in life… great attitude.. great life… crappy attitude… you know what you can expect.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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