It Comes Down To Luck

it comes down to luckThis Blog has many articles on the “elements of success.” Put them all together and the overall message is that with dedication and some damned hard work, you can do just about anything. However, I have always left out one element.

A lot of it depends on pure, dumb, simple luck… Regardless of how focused you are, how dedicated you are, how positive you think, how many trade-offs you make… a lot of times when it comes to success… well, it comes down to luck.

Back in my bow hunting days, I used to follow the old axiom that says, “Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.” Luck is not something that is easily handed out usually but if you put in the work, the preparation, when that decisive moment or the shot comes, you are ready, you take it and your hunt is a success.

There is also the other old saying that we make our own luck… there is some truth to that one too.

Personally, I believe when it comes to success and luck it is really a Catch-22 and here is why:

  • Positive Thinking – All of the positive thinking in the world is not going to get you to where you want. Yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction, and that what we think about and focus on we usually create or manifest. But it is not a guarantee per se. Here is the catch though… if you are mired in negativity, and that is all you see in life, if you do happen to catch a lucky break, will you even be able to recognize it and take advantage of it?
  • Commitment and Dedication – You do the hard work, day in and day out fully committed to your endeavor of choice. Sometimes it pays of… sometimes it does not. That’s just life. You might get lucky and you might not. Personally, I believe that hard work attracts luck and this is why… If I had never dedicated myself to writing this Blog, consistently, every day, I would have never written the article that attracted the attention of Success Magazine or would have been interviewed by them. I think I got lucky, sure, but without that work beforehand, they would have never found me.
  • Your Attitude – Your attitude is what defines how you experience life day by day. If you look on the positive side of things that is what you see and vice versa. But having a positive attitude alone does not promise success. On the other hand, without that positive attitude, would you be able to see the opportunity (maybe a lucky break) in what others might just view as a not so positive situation?

I almost feel bad for saying it but luck does play a major part in our level of success in life and that can’t be denied.

But… it is NOT the only thing. Luck itself is only the spark that ignites the fires of success… All of the hard work, dedication, commitment, consistent action, positive mindset, positive attitude, belief, faith, and everything else is the tinder, the fuel, the logs for that fire… and without all of those elements, that “spark” would never be able to catch. Period.

So maybe we do make our own luck in a fashion. Luck by itself is not a promise for instant success or riches but it is necessary. Personally, I think we all receive certain opportunities all throughout life. The question is did we do the work and lay the foundation to be able to take those opportunities and turn them into successes?

The bottom line is this… do the work and put the odds in your favor so that when that moment of opportunity/luck does present itself you can run with it. It comes down to luck, sure, but it also comes down to being ready for it too.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 21 October 2013


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