It’s All About Balance

I believe in having it all, whatever “all” might mean. That may be one thing for one person and for another person something different altogether. Regardless of what having it all looks like, in the end – to make it work – it’s all about balance.

When it comes to budgeting time, we have three major buckets where we tend to allocate our time. First, there are our jobs and careers that seem to take up the most of our time weekly. Secondly, there is our family and our relationships that sadly should come in first and unfortunately for most, don’t, and it’s rare when they even get to come in second. Third and last is personal time for us so that we can unwind, recharge, or focus on our own personal development.

Of course, there are many other demands of our time and energy in life but these are the big three. The $64,000 question is of course, how to does one make it all work and keep things in a healthy balance?

The first balance to achieve is the work-life balance and the first question you have to answer is – what’s the quality of life that you want to maintain or achieve? Without answering that question, we tend to carry on day after day without any further thought past just trying to maintain the status quo. When we do this we tend to get caught up focusing on “stuff” and possessions rather than focusing on the more valuable and meaningful parts of life such as quality time with our families or time to pursue or enjoy the things that we are most passionate about in life.

Then there is time with your family, your loved ones, and time to devote to your relationship with your partner. Of course, if you were unemployed or did not work, you have an abundance of time but that probably would not work either.

A long time ago one of my managers said in meeting, “It’s not enough for us to love our jobs. It is also important for our families to love our jobs too.” Here is the hint taken from that… if your family does not like your job, or complains about your job, and how it affects your “availability” to them, there could be a problem and things are not in balance.

Time for yourself is important to keep things in balance, and you probably need a lot more time than you have been giving yourself. You need time to get a good night’s sleep. You need time to stop, eat, and eat more healthily rather than constantly grabbing meals on the run. You need time to exercise to get the body moving and the blood flowing. You need time to unwind, decompress, and de-stress. You might even need time for reflection, reading, learning, and maybe even meditation… I can go on and on but I think that you get the point… you need time for you!

It’s all about balance if we want our lives to work for us. What good does it do to work and make more money than needed if at the same time you are wrecking your health, neglecting your spouse and family, and are just completely miserable in the process? What’s the point? Where is the balance?

Or maybe your family IS your primary focus but you give and give until you have nothing else to offer because you forgot to take care of yourself along the way. If you don’t take the time to recharge, you will not be able to give or nurture your loved ones because you will be too depleted to do so.

Everybody gets the same amount of time each day. We all get 24 hours and that is it. It is in how we prioritize, plan, and organize our time that allows us to achieve the necessary balance that we all need in life. And yes…everyone has their own idea of what having it all looks like but in the end we all need some amount of equilibrium in our lives to make it a success.

It’s all about balance…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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