Just A Kid Playing In The Street

KPIS1Today I spent over three hours studying chapter seven of the International Building Code (IBC) at the local library. Trust me, on a beautiful sunny Aspen summer day it isn’t my first choice of things to be doing but it is something that must be done. However, this morning I had an inspired idea.

Living in Aspen there is hardly EVER a reason to drive around town. Most everything is within walking distance or riding distance on a bike. But sometimes, walking can be too slow and the bike can be a hassle. With that in mind I conjured up another solution… a skateboard.

Yes… a skateboard and not just any skateboard, a longboard that is perfect for just cruising around town. The idea came to me before I walked to the library to study and the used sports equipment store was on the way. I went in but they did not have anything that would work for me.

But as I was studying the idea stuck with me. After three hours of reading and studying I decided to give up and left the library on a path towards downtown. I knew where to go to get what I wanted.

It felt a little funny going into a skateboard shop at my age but the awkwardness was short lived as I found my way to wall with the assembled boards. And there is was… A brightly colored deck with the words “Push Don’t Pollute” inscribed on the bottom. It was exactly what I was looking for! After taking the board off of the wall and turning it over, it was then that I truly fell in love. The deck was made of bamboo and it was just stunning.

Not to be an impulse shopper I looked at others. Some cost more, some cost less but I kept coming back to the original that caught my eye. After the manager came over and we talked a bit I just came outright and told him that I knew that no other board would make me as happy as that one. He adjusted the tension on the trucks, I paid for it and I left.

47 years old and I walked out into the street with the first skateboard that I have purchased in 30 years. I felt a little strange carrying it but that it not why I bought it so I stopped and put my water bottle in my book bag and put my book bag on my back, put the skateboard on the ground and off I went.

I rode the seven or eight blocks to home and when I got home my cheeks hurt so much from grinning so hard. I felt like I was ten again.

Later this evening after doing some other stuff but right before dark I was able to go and play in the street with it. Just a kid playing in the street, that’s all I was. I’d push up the street, coast back down, carve some turns, laugh a little and just enjoyed the ride.

I believe it is never too late for your second, third, or even fourth childhood. I can’t tell you which one I am on but today I tapped into that source that feeds the fountain of youth.  Yes, I have a new toy and even though I intend to use it as a mode of transportation, it is a toy and I’m okay with that.

I don’t know who said it originally but the saying goes, “we don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.” I believe in that sentiment 100% and while I am still upright on this earth I hope to never stop playing. I hope to always be just a kid playing in the street.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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The bottom of the deck. Push Don’t Pollute!


I love the clean lines of the bamboo on top.


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