Just Flip A Coin

flip a coinSome of my biggest life decisions have been based solely on a coin toss. I know it sounds crazy to just flip a coin in those situations, but I have done it. Many of my decisions over time have come down to being either heads or tails.

Just Flip A Coin

The process is simple. Between two choices, A or B, I will assign one as heads and the other as tails. I will flip a coin and whatever it comes up with is the option I will choose. I will assume with faith that whatever the toss ends up being is the direction that I am supposed to go in or the action that I am meant to take. I think of it as an agreement from the universe.

Sometimes it is cut and dry and I just go with the results of the coin flip but other times it helps to bring clarity into the decision making process as to what I really want. Let me explain…

If what I thought I wanted came up tails instead of heads, and my gut reaction is  that I am disappointed. then I know that deep down the other option was what I really wanted. The same goes if the result of the flipped coin brings on a sudden wave of relief. It is a good way to get a gut-check on the path you wish to take if you were unsure.

If I really am stuck and the first result is not what I wanted, and I know what I want, I might flip the coin and go for the best two out of three. At this point, it isn’t about coin flip at all, but just verifying with myself the result that I really wanted to begin with but might not have been so sure of.

When you want clarity when you have two options and you are unsure about which option it is that you want to pursue, if you flip a coin you can learn exactly what that is. Your reaction will either be relief or disappointment at a visceral level.

Other times it might be that neither option is attractive or desirable as both choices may be difficult. These are times where I will flip a coin with the sole intention of figuring out a direction in which to start. When there is risk involved in either choice, sometimes you just have to make a choice, period.

This is a great strategy (at times) that will move you in the right direction or aid in making a tough decision in life. It will at least get you moving forward in some fashion rather than sitting there and just debating the options over and over again. It will spur you into taking action rather than just sitting idle. Or at the very least, give you a direction to start following.

Have you ever made a life decision based solely on a coin toss? Did you go with the flip or did you do something differently?

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