Just Keep Breathing Baby

just keep breathing babyLife can be a total mess right now for you and you may be figuratively and literally at the end of your rope. If you are, let me share one simple line with you… Just keep breathing baby – Just keep breathing…

Just Keep Breathing Baby

Sometimes I feel that I disclose excessive amounts about myself in this Blog and this is going to be one of those times as I have some very potentially embarrassing information that I am going to share…

Yes, I used to watch True-Blood. Partly because I had to (Melissa & Annie were hooked) and partly, well, because I wanted to. There I said it…

At the end of season four, in the finale, one of the characters, Lafayette, well, his boyfriend Jesus Velasquez dies and in one of the final scenes, Lafayette, has a vision or sees Jesus’s ghost and asks him… “How am I supposed to live with this?”

To which Jesus just responds, “Just keep breathing baby … it’s that simple.”

Seeing that scene, my eyes “might” have gotten a little watery… Okay, they did but that line hit me so hard in that moment… “Just keep breathing baby …”

If there is one quintessential point that I want to share, teach, and impress upon you it is this… no matter how bad things are or how bad they may seem you only have one thing to do, and that is to keep breathing…

If you feel stuck in life and nothing is moving, including yourself… just keep breathing… No matter how dark it is… just keep breathing.

Things will change, things will turn, and sometimes in the moment you may be left without any other options… accept that as the way that it is currently but just keep breathing until something changes, because I can promise you, something will.

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