The Law Of Abundance

The fourth essential universal law is The Law of Abundance. There is an unlimited supply of everything and there is enough for everyone. There is always enough. We have bought into the lie that there is not enough. This is the lie of scarcity and limitation. You have everything within you right now to make your life a living dream.

Beliefs based in lack affect our ability to manifest our hearts desires from a space of ease and effortlessness. This lack mentality controls us by keeping us longing for what others have, or fighting to be better than others.

If you are always looking outside of yourself at circumstances and situations to become more than what you are, then you are not in the now and appreciating what you have.

When you come from a place of feeling that everything in your life right now is sufficient, you will know great peace. When you can feel gratitude for what you currently have in your life, while a the same time feeling excited for all the things you desire to manifest you will know complete joy.

But what is so special about gratitude and what makes it so important?

Gratitude is a positive vibration that leads to other positive vibrations. If you are grateful then you cannot feel lack. The two emotions are mutually exclusive. One can not exist in the presence of the other.

Be satisfied now. Don’t wait to be satisfied. Make peace with where you are right now.

Start with where you are and what you have right now. Set your goals, see yourself already there, and be resolved to succeed in attaining your goals, no matter what it takes.

Manifestation happens when we can be in a place of feeling at peace with where we are, while being excited about the possibilities ahead.

If there is one thing I have learned in this life, it is that attitude is everything. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Ford or a Ferrari, eat prime-rib or pizza. What goes on inside has a lot to do with what happens on the outside.

Begin to believe that you’re living in abundance and have access to an unlimited supply of everything. Once you have solidified this belief, you’ll start receiving idea after idea and opportunity after opportunity to succeed.

You are always manifesting your attitudes and beliefs. What areas of your life to believe to be abundant? In what areas of your life to perceive lack?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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