Life – It’s Just A Game

I stared down at the water a couple hundred feet below me. My heart was beating and my mouth was dry. “It’s just a game,” I heard whispered in my ear by the attendant on the bungee jumping platform. “It’s just a game.”

I was in Acacpulco, Mexico in October 2009 on a solo vacation. Of all the things that I wanted to do, finally doing the bungee jump at the Paradise, at Condessa Beach was at the top of my list after seeing it there on so many other trips. However, once I got up there, I was fearful to make that leap.

“It’s just a game.”

Those words struck a chord deep within me before I bounded off of that platform. He was right, it is all just a game. Life is just a game. It is a game in which you can either play and participate, or you can sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else score.

You can be afraid and not take that first step into the unknown. Just sit quietly and do nothing. Or, you can feel the fear and take that grand “leap of faith” towards your destiny.

For good or bad, life rewards risks. If you risk and succeed then you profit from the experience and the outcome. If you risk and do not succeed, you will still come out with the education from taking the chance.

Life is a game where you can believe all of the rules are in your favor, or you may choose to believe the rules are all set against you. The truth is that life is a game where EVERYTHING works in your favor.

The universe wants you to win and is on your side. You might not be given everything that you want, but you are always given everything that you need to win and to get what you want. It is your responsibility to play the game using everything that you are given, and blessed with, to get what you want, to be happy, and to win.

And here is the great thing about playing the game of life… YOU get to change the rules as you go along by challenging and changing your own internal belief system. If you change the belief (rule) that you cannot do something to a belief that you can, then you have just turned the odds more in your favor to succeed.  As Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”

Every day is a game to me as an entrepreneur and life coach. Each day I must hold on to the belief that I have all of the tools and equipment I need to win. I know that this is a long game, and I hold the belief that in the end, it is a game that I will win. I left a job of 16 years, and a place where I had lived for 25 years, to move to Aspen to be a life coach. It was a move that was every bit of a leap of faith, and took as much courage as jumping into that dark night towards the water so many years ago.

When you face that nasty challenge, tough decision, or you must take some action that requires massive courage, just take a deep breath and remind yourself, “It’s all just a game.” Say that yourself, realize it, and you will indeed see that it is a game that you can and will win. Play the game, take the risks, put the rules and odds in YOUR favor. Life is like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. It’s just a game.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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