Are You Lost Or Just On Your Own Path?

If you are the kind of person who operates most the time outside of your comfort zone the chances are highly likely that you are alone out there. Not only are you alone, but absent are the many landmarks and features of your familiar and safe life. It can be so easy to feel lost.

How many times have you started a new venture or personal project and everyone around you in your inner circle is cheering for you and supporting you as you embark on your journey? How long does that usually last before those same cheers from the bystanders begin to fade and disappear and you realize that you are truly out there on your own? It is just a fact that this is the plight of all pioneers… to be isolated, alone, and potentially lost.

On your own… but are you lost or are you just blazing your own path?

What do you do? Do you turn tail and run back home? Do you accept your current situation with a shrug, falling back on the old saying, “the only way out is through”, and keep moving forward?

For those of us who choose to take, and often create our own paths in life, it can be lonely at times. After the initial excitement, motivation, and reasons for venturing off fade, we are sometimes left with doubt, pessimism, fear, and discouragement.

At those moments, the idea of stopping and waiting for help is often strong. After all, that is the first thing they always tell you to do when you find yourself lost… sit down and stay put.

Don’t do that!

The only way out is through. Get up and get moving. There will not be a search party and they only person who is going to get you to your destination is yourself!

When you are following your dreams and your passions, more often than not there are no trail markings or signs along the way. You must trust your inner compass, your intuition, and your own personal genius to find the way. When you feel like stopping… don’t. When you feel like giving up… don’t. When you think that you can’t keep going… you can.

When you don’t know where you are or where you are going and there is no clear path or direction. You know what you need to do… Just keep on walking and make your own path.

And don’t worry. I can assure you that eventually others will be following in your footsteps.

They always do.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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