Make Today’s Handhold Tomorrow’s Foothold

Whatever you did yesterday, beat it today. Whatever you do today, strive to go even further tomorrow. Make today’s handhold tomorrow’s foothold.

Keep looking upwards and refuse to lower the bar for yourself, ever. Challenge yourself today to create a foundation for success that you exceed tomorrow and the day after that, and so on…

There is a reason that I love running so much. It isn’t just because of the fitness benefits, the miles and hours spent running on trails, or all of the great people I have met while enjoying the sport… No, it’s something else. Even at my age, running is something that offers me the possibility to be better at it today than I was yesterday, and it always hints at the promise that I can be even better tomorrow. Sure, I love to run, but it is also a metaphor if you will, of personal development in my life that in a way has little to do with the act of running itself. For me, it is a path to continually becoming a better person.

Make today’s handhold tomorrow’s foothold. Keep climbing upwards. Whatever you standard is today, keep raising it, and no matter how high you have climbed, keep looking up.

Reach up and out for more today. It isn’t always about succeeding, or winning, or getting ahead at work or in your business. It can be as simple as just ascending to be a better person by listening more, by loving more, by giving more, and showing up to actually be there for the people in your life. You know… all of the areas that we commonly overlook when we think about getting ahead in life…

Today’s ceiling should be tomorrow’s floor. Keep learning and keep raising the stakes. Push yourself to greater achievements while keeping in mind that whatever got you to “here” will not be enough to get you to where you want to go.

Whatever you do in life, to go up requires effort, but to go back down takes no effort at all. You need strength to climb a mountain or a ladder, but to go back down again, you just need to let go and fall back to earth. We climb up, but we can always easily slide down. Keep making today’s handhold tomorrow foothold. Keep climbing.

Which one are you doing at the moment? Are you climbing up or are yo sliding down?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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