Monday’s Motivational Stew

motivational  stewThree things I want to share today, each one is important and they all come together in the end… a little bit of this… a little bit of that, and voila… you have Monday’s Motivational Stew.

Monday’s Motivational Stew

  1. Start believing that things will get better. – Right now it is so easy to look at what is wrong (or not right) in the world, point fingers, cast blame, and end the end wind up completely demoralized by it all. Well, you have a choice here… you can believe that things will get better or you can believe they won’t. Now just blindly believing that things will improve might not magically make it so but if you believe and all that you believe is that things will not improve and will get worse… well, then that is pretty much guaranteed.
  2. Be the change you want to see in the world. – Again… right now there is so much negative crap to wallow in if you choose to. In a session with a client this morning he asked me what to do in light of recent social trends to the negative… my response is to do the same thing as if you were pursuing a goal and what is the most important part of goal achievement? Action… take action… be a good citizen, perform selfless acts of service that benefits anyone but yourself or at least is not focused on yourself.
  3. Lead from the front. – In any martial battle or even in the corporate world, the most effective leaders are not the ones who just dictate commands from the safety of the rear but the ones who are the first out of the trench leading the charge. Lead from the front… stand up and be your authentic self every day as you move your way through life.

Stew is awesome because with a bunch of random ingredients you can creates some rather amazing recipes… The same is true with today’s, Monday’s Motivational Stew – the three ingredients create a huge impact not only to your life but socially as well.

Begin by believing that things will get better… start being an optimist again and look for those unseen benefits anywhere that you can find them. Be an optimist or at least work on having a more positive mindset that will allow you to believe that things can and will get better. Faith is like any other muscle… it must be used and tested in order for it to become strong.

Lastly, lead from the front by sharing your positive beliefs and doing the things that can make a difference. Even if something seems as inconsequential as smiling at everyone you meet and saying hi as you walk down the street. Trust me, because I have been there, a kind smile and a friendly hello CAN change someone’s day.

So there you have it… Monday’s Motivational Stew… I hope you enjoy it!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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