Motivation Is An Inside Job

Motivation is an inside job. It is a common misconception that my job as a Life Coach is to motivate my clients. That is not true and this is why…

There is not a thing that I could ever say or do which could truly motivate you. I might be able to come up with something inspiring which might move you to take some massive action for a day or two but that’s about it. Any further motivation has to be generated on your end.

What I will do and what I do is to create an environment if you are my client to motivate yourself. Just by getting to the heart of the matter, and getting clear on what a client wants in their life can be a source of huge motivation for them. After that, having the client make the decision or decide on what they want, the motivation piece sort of takes care of itself.

I support my client’s vision and theirs goals every bit as much as if they were my own. But along with that support I create an environment where the client discovers their own motivation. I do this by asking the client questions about what they want, but more importantly, WHY they want it. If their WHY statements are not compelling, then the chances are very high that thy will not be motivated either.

Do I help with motivation? Heck yeah I do! Will I sound off like drill instructor or a cheerleader trying to move you along? Uh… No. Will I congratulate you, honor you, and celebrate with you when you have a win? Most definitely!

See.. Motivation is an inside job… it doesn’t come from an inspiring speaker, or a brilliant blog. It comes from inside of you. Let me repeat that… The best kind of motivation comes from within.

It comes from that little voice inside your head that reminds you of what you should be doing and why you should be doing it. Listen to that little voice too as it knows what it is talking about.

Motivation is like happiness in the sense that nobody can do it for you. Nobody can make you happy so in the same way nobody else can make you motivated (or not.)

And guess what? You can not motivate people either! You might be able to force, or coerce, or trick others into doing things while thinking it is motivating but it is not. The bottom line is that you and everyone else for that matter will never do a thing unless they are truly motivated from within by their own particular reasons.

Others can inspire you but only you can motivate yourself. Remember that the next time you feel that you might need a push. Don’t lean on others to get you going or to keep you going. Dig deep within yourself and fuel your motivation from within. After all, that is the only way.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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