Murphy’s Law Vs Law Of Attraction

law of attractionOn the surface, the two universal laws – Murphy’s Law and the Law of Attraction may not seem related in but in fact they are. Do they work together or work against each other? It all depends…

Murphy’s Law Vs Law Of Attraction

Nearly everyone has heard of Murphy’s Law that states, “If anything can go wrong it will.” And then there is the lesser known universal law, The Law of Attraction which is that what we think about, feel about, and focus on, is exactly what we create, manifest, and invite into our lives.

I used to believe that the best practice in any situation is to have a plan for everything. So obviously I took Murhpy’s Law to heart. Plan for anything… unbelievably, I even had a plan at one time about what I would do if I became homeless. My thought process was that the more you plan for anything, the less of a surprise it will be and the better your chances of managing it or mitigating it once it happened.

Then one day I was discussing planning with a much older and wiser friend, and he inquired about my tendency to plan for anything and everything that life could ever throw at me. When I explained my line of reasoning, he laughed and proceeded to tell me this story…

When I graduated from college, it was the early 70’s and my greatest passion in life was motorcycles and riding motorcycles. To celebrate our graduation, myself and three of my friends planned a road trip all throughout New England that would take several weeks. I had an old Norton and one of my friends had the same identical bike.

The difference was that when it came time to go on the trip, my friend had packed every spare part that he could possibly need, every tool that might be needed, and he was prepared for everything just in case Murphy and his Law decided to make an appearance.

Then he asked me if I could guess what happened, and I said that I didn’t have a guess…

Well by the end of trip, my friend that had all of the spare parts had used each and every part he had packed and even had to buy additional parts on the trip as his bike kept breaking down. Now remember… we had the identical motorcycle… I didn’t pack anything beyond the bare essentials and I did not have one mechanical problem the entire trip…

Do you see my point?

You could say that mind was blown. In my naiveté, my own unawareness, wanting to be right, and to seem “brilliant,” I just countered that the lesson was to not own a Norton motorcycle. Of course, this was way before I discovered the Law of Attraction and that the concept even existed for me. But I did get his point and it made me rethink my “plan for everything” mode of life.

Now, many years later, I see the correlation between these two laws quite clearly. His friend’s focus and energy were directed towards everything that could go wrong so based on the Law of Attraction, everything and more so did go wrong.

To believe in or to give Murphy’s Law any undue power is a personal choice that we all have to make. So why is it that we always believe in the negative? If the forecast is for 30% chance of rain, why do we believe it will rain rather than the sun will shine? If there are two or more options, why is it always our natural tendency to believe that things will go bad rather than good especially when the odds of either outcome are statistically equal?

What if instead of waiting for things to go badly or to deteriorate, we chose to look at life and situations a different way?

What if we made the decision to say to ourselves…

If something can work out right, it will.

If there’s a chance that multiple things can go right, the one that will give the biggest reward will be the one that occurs.

If there’s a perfect time for something to go right, it will happen right then.

If you’ve encountered three opportunities that didn’t work, a fourth, and even better opportunity will present itself.

It comes down to what we choose to focus on. So in a sense, there is no such thing as Murphy’s Law. It is just the Law of Attraction in effect and affecting our lives with the very things, situation, or events that we make the decision to focus on.

So forget about Murphy’s Law and go with the alternative instead. When thing get rough or appear that they can go sideways in life, resist the urge to focus on all of the negative outcomes and decide instead to only concentrate on the positive outcomes. I suspect for many it will be hard habit to learn but it is quite possible.

Try it and see. I suspect that with that shift in perspective alone, you’ll become more aware of the many number of positive results and opportunities that indeed surrounds you.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten via Craigslist 07 September 2016


  1. Great post, I never thought to put these two seemingly conflicting laws together. I totally agree with you on the importance of planning.

    • 3peaksblog says:

      Thanks Robert. The relationship/connection between the two laws had been floating in my head for awhile but it still took time for me to really put the two together.


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