My #1 Success Tip

My #1 Success TipThis has been a week of huge transition for me. I started a part time job where I have zero experience or knowledge. Being committed to learning all that I can in order to do the best that I can, I employed my #1 success tip that has never failed me.

This tip served me in the military, during all of my “civilian jobs,” working with my clients, and really, just to manage every day life from time to time and it’s the simplest thing that you can ever do…

My #1 success tip? Easy… WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN!

Early on in life, I learned that most stuff I could retain if heard once, but then again, I also lose many details if I rely on “listening” alone. By taking the time to make notes and to write things down, I always have something to reference.

It is the easiest thing that you can do to aid in retention of information and to help keep yourself on track. Admittedly, it’s something that I have also been a little lax on the past few months too. Can you guess how many awesome Blog ideas that I have had that I have forgotten the next day?

Working with my clients, I urge them at least to write down any inspiring ideas they have, any new goals, and even to begin journaling if they are so inclined in the time between sessions. During all of my sessions with clients, you can bet that I have them taking notes or writing things out as we work though processes to help them find clarity.

This week I have been carrying around a small notepad to record everything but in the past I have relied on just a piece of paper folded up and kept in my back pocket. I consider it my second brain or my backup if you will. The things I write down might include:

  • Names of people that I meet that I might otherwise forget. (I am horrible with names.)
  • Things I have to or want to do, a to do list.
  • New goals or ideas of things that I want to do.
  • Any other information that I might otherwise forget if I didn’t write it down.
  • Appointments, meetings, or any other important dates.
  • Any and all “inspired ideas” or insights that I learn or just come to me.

Writing things down has been the basis of surviving this week. I don’t consider it a sign of weakness, or having a week mind or anything like that but rather a powerful tool to help me work and function more effectively this week and for the next several weeks as I adjust to the “new normal.”

I have been studying Pablo Escobar recently and trying to figure out the keys to his success and how he rose to great power as the head of the Medellín Cartel during the 1980’s – 1990’s, and one thing that I have noticed is that in nearly every meeting or transaction with someone, he always wrote things down. Always! Not that I advise taking the same criminal route as Pablo, but even he understood the importance of not relying on just memory alone.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up, use my #1 success tip to help keep everything and yourself on track. Believe it or not, stress is is a killer to our short term memories. When you are under stress and having to learn things, your ability to retain and remember things IS compromised. To aid your success during these phases or periods… write everything down. It really works!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 29 October 2015

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