My Positive Thoughts For The Day

My positive thoughts for the dayMy positive thoughts for the day – I need them, really I do. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind and to be honest I feel more like “the bag” than “boxer.” Life is chaotic, a good chaos but chaotic nevertheless.

My Positive Thoughts For The Day

The things that are bringing me down… a cold that I am getting over, a minor running injury that is taking way more time than I would like to resolve, the demands of running one business while starting up another all the while working 48 hours on Aspen Mountain doing snow making each week.

The word that I have been using a lot the past week is “depleted” and this is a true sensation in my mind, my soul, and definitely in the old body. At the end of each day I find myself feeling disappointed about the things that I wanted to get done that I did not finish and in some cases, didn’t even get to start. I have never been a fan of feeling as if I am dropping the balls along the way.

Regardless, for me to deny or even to think that things are not good would be a critical thinking error on my part… life is rocking and because of that, and to buoy my mood, I want to share with you my positive thoughts for the day.

  1. I should not even be here! Really, I should not. At 48 (nearly 49 years of age) the close calls that I have had with death so many times that could have so easily gone the other way, well, they didn’t… So my first positive thought is that I am thankful and grateful that I am still here and I still have a wonderful and full life to live while fulfilling my own personal missions.
  2. Everything has an upside! I doubt I will get everything done today that I would like to accomplish. On top of that, I have a meeting today that I would rather not have to go to which to be honest, is just going to be yucky… But everything does have a bright side, even the ugly parts of life. I will finish what I can and do my best today, and as for that nasty meeting… there will be positives as a result as long as I remember to look for them.
  3. Life is a challenge! Life is a challenge and right now is a challenging time and you know what, I am grateful for that because that means I am alive and I am giving it my all. Life is a challenge and I am living it! I am not bored and being bored is the opposite of being happy!
  4. The positives certainly outweigh the negatives! As one of my friends once told me, “every day on this side of the dirt is a good day.” See point number one above. I have so many awesome things going right today, even if they do not feel like it because they are hard, or they are work, etc. I know that I have more positives on my bad days that most have on the best days of their lives… now that is something certainly to be positive about, right?
  5. I want to be happy! I want to be happy and because of that, being happy is always my number one focus. When my mood falters, I know it is because I am not making a conscious decision to be happy and be in the moment. Just knowing that I want to be happy is my positive thought of the day that outweighs all over positive thoughts. I want to be happy so I AM happy… end of story.

My positive thoughts for the day… I hope you liked them and if you are struggling today yourself, I hope that they gave you some inspiration and some positive food for thought.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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