No Nuts. No Glory.

no nuts. no glory.No Nuts. No Glory. This photo is real and taken from my friend Leo’s fishing boat in Cozumel where he guides spearfishing expeditions and it was from Leo that I myself learned how to spearfish. But this isn’t about spearfishing…

No Nuts. No Glory.

Okay, let’s remove the obvious anatomical reference and instead of saying “No nuts. No glory,” just say, “no courage, no glory.” Because that is what this article is about today… courage.

I am not talking about the running directly into a blazing firestorm of bullets kind of courage, I am talking about the basic courageous acts that people must perform every day.

The kind of courage it takes for someone who has faced a catastrophic loss, as in the death of a loved one, to get out of bed and face life each day… that kind of courage.

The kind of courage it takes a bullied kid to stand up for him or herself and finally say, “Enough is enough.”

The kind of courage that it takes to be vulnerable with someone you love, or just another human being, and be honest about what and how you are feeling.

The kind of courage that it takes for a recovering addict to not use just for one day and to face their problems head on, or even better, the courage it takes a practicing addict to finally reach out for help and admit there is a problem.

The kind of courage that it takes someone in an abusive relationship to leave finally, means it, and for once moves on.

The kind of courage it takes to apologize, sincerely, for your screw up and to be willing to not only own your stuff, but also willing to clean up the resulting mess.

I could go on and on…

Life takes courage, period. Too often, we get so caught up in concepts and ideals about getting rid of fear, or living fearlessly, focused on one “big thing” that we fail to see all of the courageous people and heroes who are heroic just because they are committed to living life and not giving up.

No Nuts. No Glory… yeah, it is somewhat funny, okay, it is funny, but courage comes in many forms and it is often unnoticed. So if you believe that courage in short supply today, take a look around and I mean REALLY take a look around and I believe you will see evidence that indicates otherwise.

Because trust me… courage… it is out there. And a lot of other good stuff too…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 14 May 2013

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