Nobody Is Special – Not Even You

Nobody Is Special – Not Even YouI am here to tell you something and you are probably not going to like it… or maybe you will… nobody is special – not even you and this includes ME as well. Nobody is special, period.

Nobody Is Special – Not Even You

Now that I have your attention, I had probably better explain what I mean…

When we look at other people and what they can do or have accomplished, especially if their results are stellar, we tend to believe there is something special about them. Perhaps there is something that makes them unique; maybe it is talent, luck, or good genes…

Sure… those things might come into play to some extent but then again nobody is special…

What it comes down to is this… if anyone has ever achieved anything, then guess what? So can you!

Nobody is special, it is just that some people have the courage to begin, the drive to show up and consistently put in the work, the tolerance to face risk and possible failure, and the determination to stick with it until the thing is done.

A story from my sordid past… as a young man, my confidence and self-image was for the most part lacking. Okay… it was non-existent. In any situation be it professional or social I always felt less-than or I had a sense of otherness trying to relate to those around me.

When I was 19 and stationed in Germany I took a train trip to Munich one weekend. On our last night there, my best friend and I went to the train station and put out backpacks in a locker then went and found some out of the way bar that if I remember right was actually off some back alley.

We drank beer (okay lots of beer) and when we ordered our second round a man at the bar heard us, turned around and asked us, “Do you speak English mate?” We told him that we did indeed and joined him sitting at the bar.

As it turns out, his name was Ronnie. He was Australian, and he was working job to job while traveling all around the world, and before coming to Munich, he had actually been in what was then the Soviet Union.

Me being a young man, I noticed the attractive woman working behind the bar and really wanted to talk to her but there was the whole lack of self-confidence issue which was in full effect in that particular situation.

Ronnie noticed my consternation and frustration and told me to man-up and talk to her, to which I replied to him in some weak fashion that I was just not good enough.

It was then that Ronnie got dead serious and told me something that has stuck with me to this day…

Ronnie told me that one thing that I had to learn in life is this, “no man is better than I am and I am not better than any other man.” This he insisted that I say out loud right then and there and he actually insisted I say it out loud about half a dozen times.

No man is better than I am and I am not better than any other man… In other words, nobody is special – not even you.

I still didn’t talk to the lady behind the bar (too chicken) but his words obviously impacted me as I remember them clearly and I can share them with you some 29 years later.

There is a point to all of this and what I want to to tell you and more importantly want you to grasp is that you can absolutely do amazing things both in and with your life. Other people have and you can too. The important thing is to know that you can and know that you don’t have to be “special” in order to do so.

Whenever you find yourself lacking in whatever… just remember that nobody is special and if you can, remember the words that Ronnie told me so long ago in that dark out-of-the-way bar in Munich… they have helped me all of these years and I hope they can do the same for you if you need them.

I still often wonder where Ronnie ended up and if he ever made it home and maybe in some weird way, this is my way of thanking him for having a positive impact on my life and my way of passing it on…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 24 March 2012

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