Office Space And Life Coaching

office space and life coachingThe movie Office Space, which if you can believe it, came out in 1999 was and probably is still one of my favorite movies. For me, it was definitely a case of “art imitating life,” and in this case… my life.

In fact, EVERYONE in my office pretty much loved that movie. We enjoyed it so much that for about a year my team implemented Hawaiian Shirt Friday, and if we could get by with it, we would all sneak into a conference room and watch at least part of the movie during lunchtime.

So how does that movie and life coaching have anything in common? I’ll tell you…. One of my favorite lines from the movie is when one of the Bobs is interviewing one of the managers in the office, Tom, and asks him… “What would you say… you do here?”

As a life coach, I get that question a lot, or some form of that question… “What exactly do you do?” Of course I can’t tell you EVERYTHING that I might do with my clients as that would exceed the scope of this Blog, but thinking about it, what I do as a life coach comes down to three vital things:

  1. I hold YOUR vision. – One of the fundamental differences between coaching and therapy is this… when you see a therapist, there is the underlying agreement of sorts that something is wrong, and that something usually has to do with you. As a coach, I begin my work with all clients with the assumption and belief that they are perfect exactly where and how they are and it is from that point that we work forward. In that capacity, I am able to see a client’s full potential and believe (sometimes before the client even does) what they are truly capable of. Everyone else might have limiting beliefs about you, but I do not. I hold your vision just as it might be my own and help you to fulfill it through our work together.
  2. I help clear the path. – Sometimes, it is simple to get a client from point A to point B as that path represents a straight line with minimal obstacles or things to work though. Other times, the path (or paths) may be cluttered and there are many different things to work on and they may even be obstacles on different paths, yet going to the same final destination. As a life coach, I help to “declutter” a client’s thinking and aid in tackling just one obstacle at a time, clearing the path as we go.
  3. I am a second pair of eyes. – As the saying goes, “four eyes are better than two,” and I help you to see things that you might otherwise be missing, for example, your own strengths, gifts, and talents. Not only do I look for these things when coaching a client, I am also quick to point them out to client so that he or she may recognize and acknowledge their strengths as well. You might see the things that you are doing “wrong” but I focus on seeing the things that you are doing right!

That is it in a nutshell… of course there are other machinations at work in the background and foreground when working with a client but these three things are probably the most important right after just listening and being truly “present” with the client at all times.

By doing all of this I help the client, you, come up with your own solutions in life, assist in formulating the plan for that solution and then add in the accountability of coaching, making sure you are taking the necessary forward steps to get there.

There are so many awesome aspects to being a life coach and getting to work with people. What I do and the service that I sell, I can’t (and won’t) force upon anyone. As I view it I have to be asked or invited to work with someone as it is truly being a personal part of a person’s life in a way… after all, I’m not selling toasters or some other one-size fits all commodity. My clients have to find me… that being said, and to answer the question, “What would you say… you do here?” The three things above are the cornerstone of my practice and what I do with my clients as we work together.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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