The One Percent Difference

Do you believe the world can be changed by just a mere one percent? Do you believe your life could be radically changed by just one percent also?

One percent does not sound like a lot when you look at it on the surface but over time, one percent more of anything can make a huge difference. What if you add in the theory of compound interest over time? If you improve something by 1% over a year, that it is 1% improvement multiplied by 365. Day, after day, after day.

You can now see just how powerful 1%  is now, can’t you?

What If…

What would your life’s results look like if you just added 1% more effort to everything everyday? Ask yourself…

What if you ate 1% less junk food?

What if you exercised just 1% more each day?

What if you saved 1% more money every month than you do?

What if you spent 1% less each month?

What if you listen 1% more to everyone, especially loved ones?

What if you read 1% more every day?

What if you gave 1% more to charity?

What if you donated 1% more of your time to a charity?

What if you watched 1% less television?

What if you spent 1% less time on Facebook, Twitter, etc?

What if you spent 1% more time on your self-development and education?

What if you took 1% more time for just yourself?

What if you played with your children 1% more each day?

What if drank 1% more water every day?

What if you were 1% more invested in your relationships?

What if you were 1% more decisive and fearless?

What if you took 1% more risks in life?

What if you were 1% more active outdoors?

What if you picked up 1% more of the litter you encounter on a walk?

What if you drove 1% less?

What if you walked 1% more?

What if you had just 1% more time in life?

What if, indeed!

By slightly changing anything by just 1% you can see that your life would produce greatly difference results. Imagine if you donated just one percent more of your time and money to help a charity or good cause. Now imagine if everyone did the same.  If everyone stepped up just 1% more to help out, can you see the great sweeping changes that could occur in our society as a whole? In our world?

I want you too look at some of the changes that you might want to make in your life and the results that you hope to achieve. I challenge you to commit to taking 1% more effort or action or from now on to meet those goals. Constantly ask yourself whenever given the chance, “Can I give 1% more here?” Then do it.

Do you have any areas in your life where you can focus just 1% more and get better results?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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