Our Lack Of Connection

our lack of connectionWe are more connected than ever with social media, texting, email, etc… everyone has instant access to virtually everyone else on the planet. We are more connected but there is significantly less connection between us – and our lack of connection is a problem.

Our Lack Of Connection

Our lack of connection is a problem because for the most part we have become conditioned to believe that all of our casual connections, especially via social media, replace honest to goodness personal interactions on any deeper or more meaningful levels.

Let’s say one of your best friends from school (20 or more years ago) is on Facebook and you see their updates in your Facebook news feed daily. You see the vacations that he or she goes on; you see photos of children, etc. But what are you really seeing? Do you know the full story? Do you know what is really going on in their life?

Probably not… When was the last time that you talked to them on the phone or in person and really honestly connected and got caught up? That’s what I mean by more connected but less connection. Your “relationship” though social media is not with a person but with an image which that person only wishes for you see.

That is normal… we only let people see what we want them to see and more often than not, it is an image of us… not our true authentic selves.

Modern life spreads our time and energy thin. And because we live in more dense population centers… even in small town America, we come in contact with more people in a week than the eighteenth-century villager did in a year or even a lifetime. We have hundreds of acquaintances orbiting our lives yet we are unable to focus on individuals long enough to develop and sustain deep friendships. More connected… less connection…

As a society, we are more connected but only to illusions and the imaginary images of others. We are less connected to actual people and our lack of connection in the end isolates us more than it brings us together. That’s a fact.

So today, I challenge you to pick up the phone and call that friend that you have not spoken to in years. Plan a lunch with someone whom you have not seen in ages although you might text each other a few times a week. Reach out and truly connect with someone instead of assuming that your casual and limited exposure through social media constitutes “real relationship.”

Make it your goal today to authentically connect with someone else, and to also allow them to connect to authentic you!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 08 May 2011 (Roxy and Asia)

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