Personal Development And The Mafia

personal development and the mafiaPersonal development and the mafia are words that I am sure rarely show up in the same sentence together, if ever. But there is one mob philosophy that I think directly relates to personal development, growth, and success…

I am a huge Sopranos fan. In one episode in the earlier seasons, Christopher (Tony Soprano’s nephew) becomes a “made man” and it is his job to kick up money to Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri.

In that episode, Christopher hands Paulie his envelope of cash and Paulie tells him, “You’re only as good as this week’s envelope.” What Paulie is telling Christopher is that what you did last week doesn’t matter, nor what you plan to do next week either. It is this weeks money that counts…

The same goes for us when it comes to our own personal growth, success, and achievement.

For me, this is how I successfully train and stay on track for running and race training. “I am only as good as this weeks mileage,” is what I usually tell myself. The race I did last week, two months ago, or whenever no longer matters after the fact. What I do THIS WEEK is where the money is at.

It doesn’t matter how many potential clients I talked to last week or plan to talk to next week… what matters is the people that I connect with THIS WEEK on whatever level.

It doesn’t matter how many Blog articles I wrote last week, or plan to write next week, it the material that I produce THIS WEEK that matters…

I think you get the point…

The value of our success and growth is wholly dependent on what we do now… or in this example – this week… what you did in the past is in the past, what you can do in the future… well that’s just pie in the sky speculation.

“You’re only as good as this week’s envelope.”

What is in your envelope for this week? What have you done? What are you “kicking up?” Are you relying on the success and efforts of the past or are you procrastinating on taking action until some future unknown time?

It’s funny where the lessons in life might appear and tying personal development and the mafia together may seem odd, but those guys are always hustling and moving forward… the lesson here… pedal… don’t coast!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 11 November 2015

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