The Power of Passion


Some time ago I tried to figure out the exact elements that one needs to make real changes in life and the answers eluded me for the longest time. To come up with the answers I had to reverse engineer the process by asking the question, “Why don’t things change in our life, and what keeps us from doing what we want to get done?”

The answer to that question came quite easily, I just summed it up in whole as apathy. The next question, and this took a long time figure out actually was what is the opposite of apathy?


Nothing is ever accomplished, or at least nothing meaningful in life without passion. That is the ultimate key to success and in creating the life that you want… it is the key to getting what you want. Period.

Only thinking that you want a new job, or wanting to find a meaningful relationship, or to make drastic life-long changes can not be done by merely thinking about it. Sure… focus and attention will get you on your way, but until one is truly fired up about something and driven by passion will they actually move and take action.

But what drives passion? If passion is the flame that causes us to take action then what is the fuel that causes it to burn so hotly, or not?  It is the “why” of our pursuits that fuels our passions. Whatever you want to do, whatever your goal may be, if the why for doing it is not strong enough then the desire or passion to get it done will be weak or non-existent.

Nothing happens without passion. Consider the great achievements of your life, especially the difficult and challenging ones. Were you half-hearted in your pursuits or were you fired up and willing to do whatever it took to achieve those goals? When you were passionate about a cause or goal, what were the reasons, the whys?  I bet they were very compelling!

This is the reason in goal setting it is very important to get clear on the why for the goal. If the reasons are strong enough, passion will be ignited and the goal pursued. Relentlessly.

So the next time you want something or set a goal, ask yourself is this is something you really want. Then ask yourself why you want it. If it is a strong goal that you are passionate about then decipher all of the reasons for going it and remember those to always keep your passion and desire for achievement high.

Nothing happens without passion… nothing.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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photo credit: Lex Photographic via photopin cc

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