Practicing Encouragement

practicing encouragementNearly everyone could do with a little more encouragement in his or her life; your friends, your husband, your wife or partner but how supportive and encouraging are you? Are you practicing encouragement on a daily basis?

Practicing Encouragement

Personally I believe there are more people in this world who are discouraging than encouraging as it is just in our nature as humans to focus on the negatives and because of that we find it so much easier to tear others down rather than to lift them up.

So many of us LOVE to play the role of devils-advocate or pride ourselves in being the voice of reason while injecting (projecting) what we feel is a dose of reality when it comes to other people and in many ways we just can not help it.

Assuming any of this is true then it is even more important for each of us to begin practicing encouragement rather than the opposite. Just imagine how many dreams in this world have been shot down, dreams that could have had a significant impact because of those who chose to be discouraging rather than encouraging?

Think of a time you wanted to do something and were truly excited and think about the advice and counsel that you received. Was it negative or positive? If it was negative, how did you react? Did you give up? Did you lose your passion? How did it affect you?

If it were positive… do you think you would have had a different outcome, or heck, maybe a different life altogether?

Again… think of time that someone else deflated your vision or dream and how that felt… not good I would imagine.

So, in that scenario, which kind of person would you want to be, helpful or harmful?

Practicing encouragement is ALWAYS helpful even if you think someone’s ideas are less than half-baked. If you shoot them down, they may never start… but if you support them and even if they fail or fall short on their goal…  Then more than likely, YOU helped to propel them to a new level.

Others have discouraged all of us, as I am sure we have all had our hand in discouraging others as well. So today, I challenge you to change that… begin practicing encouragement… and begin practicing encouragement enthusiastically.

If we all did that, imagine how different life could be…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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