Pressing Life’s Big Reset Button

Don’t you wish that sometimes you could just stop the clock, hit the reset button on your life and start over fresh?

Maybe change jobs, careers, your life’s focus, get into or maybe even get out of certain relationships? Maybe you just want to scale-down?

Do you sometimes wish to simplify your life by cutting out all of the extraneous minutia, stuff, and concerns that really serve no purpose than to bog you down mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically?

I know that for many years that is exactly what I wanted to do. I felt as if I was either stuck or not progressing professionally and physically I felt myself getting older at a rate that was faster than I would have liked. I had all of this “stuff” and things that I thought would make me happy but in the end only caused me more stress as it just became more things to cause worry.

By both design and good fortune, eventually I was able to hit that big reset button on my life and I have never been happier. First, I was in a position to move which required me to get rid of 90% of my material possessions. Now talk about a way to simplify things down to only the needed items in a hurry. Fortunately, I sort of already had a plan when I thought of simplifying years before and called it my Mexico List.

However, once you simplify your life, how do you keep it simple? Here are three tips to help you to both get things in order on a smaller scale but to aid you in keeping it there also:

  1. Get clear on the things you want on your plate. – Really there are only so many things in this life that we can deal with at one time. More than just dealing with, there is just so much that we can focus on with any sort of quality or care. If you take on too much, you might be able to give each thing some attention, but can you really give each item the attention and energy it deserves? We have to take a step back on a regular basis and reevaluate what we have on our plate and why, and after that adjust accordingly.
  2. Learn how to say NO! – I used to be horrible about being able to say no and the result would be that I was disastrously over-committed. When you cannot say no, then you are going to do a half-hearted – poor job, be stressed tremendously, and feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of failure and frustration. Let go of this idea of doing everything and pleasing everyone and being everywhere at once. You’re either going to do a few things well, or do everything poorly. That’s the truth. Learn how to say no.
  3. Limit your focus to no more than three things each day. – After distilling my life and getting things simplified it allowed me to have much clearer focus on my daily activities. There could be ten things I need to accomplish in a week or in a day – but the best results happen when I shoot to focus on only the top three. If I can get through those three I will look to take on more but only if the bandwidth is truly there. Life is not complicated; we are just great at making it that way. When we stop trying to do everything at once, life becomes simple again, and we become successful again, one “less crazy” moment at a time.

Go ahead… Press the button!

Someone once told that there is genius in simplicity. That reference had to do more with problem solving rather than life itself but it is applicable in both cases. A simple life does not mean going without nice things or denying yourself of things but rather on just focusing on what really matters and what makes you truly happy. It means being true to yourself and honest when it comes to things that you can get done and can’t. For me it meant getting rid of a lot of things because the less I had the less I had to worry about, but that is me, you are probably different. But ultimately it meant clearing off my plate and just keeping it that way.

How full is your plate right now and what would you want to take off of it if you could?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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