Procrastination, Self Doubt, And Fear

Procrastination, Self Doubt, And FearYour three greatest enemies in life are procrastination, self doubt, and fear. If you are stuck and are being “held back” the chances are that one, two, or maybe even all three of these is to blame.

Procrastination, Self Doubt, And Fear

One of my favorite jokes ever has to do with procrastination… Procrastination is a lot like masturbation… at first it seems like a great idea but in the end, all you do is end up screwing yourself.

When you are procrastinating, you are not moving forward, you are not building momentum, and you are not doing anything. Instead of procrastinating, put all of your energy into moving forward instead of worrying about what you can and cannot do.

Procrastination is a form of self-punishment all by itself. By putting things off that need to be done it only serves to fuel a more negative self-image. Don’t procrastinate and give yourself a chance or reason to beat yourself up. Keep moving forward as action eradicates procrastination.

A lack of confidence or self doubt can only be remedied by faith and believing in yourself. Believing in yourself is so important because when you believe in yourself, you reinforce the idea that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Again, this may seem fairly obvious, but so many of us are filled with crippling self doubt and self-depreciating thoughts that prevent us from even taking the first step toward success or anything that we may want in life.

If you struggle with self doubt or do not fully believe in yourself, then take a moment when needed to look back at all of your successes in life. After all, there will be those too! If you believe in yourself, you can look back on all the times you’ve used your talents to do well in your life. Not only do you recognize your successes, but you also frame your failures simply as times your efforts didn’t pay off or even as learning experiences. This is how you defeat self-doubt.

But of these three… procrastination, self doubt, and fear, fear is undoubtedly the worst of all of them as it can contaminate your entire life altogether.

Some people live their entire lives from a place of fear. Can you imagine what that might look like? I have seen it first-hand and it is not pretty. A life full of fear lacks joy, love and happiness. Living in fear forces one to avoid anything that may present even the slightest risk. The worst part is that by living a life of fear, a person can end up experiencing self-fulfilled prophecy after self-fulfilled prophecy. Why? Because that is what they focus on and therefore attract. Their fears, in the end, do meet them halfway.

Then there is the other bad side of fear, the immobilizing aspect that causes you to freeze up and to “be stuck.” If you are living in a place of fear, you may be unable to move, lacking the courage and conviction to go after what you really want. This would be a life where someone is afraid to achieve, afraid to try, and fearful to pursue their dreams. Then don’t forget at the same time drawing negative experience after a negative experience into their reality.

The worse case scenario regarding fear would have you would being stuck in one place while constantly and continually attracting negative events, people, and circumstances while simultaneously repelling anything of a positive or good nature.

I told you fear was bad…

Procrastination, self doubt, and fear are the enemies, but they can be defeated! You can destroy procrastination by taking action. You can bury your self doubt with unshakable belief in yourself. And fear… fear can only be vanquished with faith… faith takes courage, and courage is the opposite of being fearful if you think about it.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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  1. Andy,
    You have been hitting home runs lately. First organic life, then about losses and changes in our lives and now about fear. Fantastic pieces!

    Losses in our lives requires grief to recognize and honor our loses. Only through grief we can acknowledge our loss and let them go and then move on into the new things you wrote about.

    I believe that the fear is the greatest enemy. It is the thing that holds us back or drives us into bad and unhealthy things. You are right that faith is key to courage and opposite of fear. Gratitude also helps. It is a thing that starts to build faith. If I can teach my children how to deal with fear I am happy to let them to set their own sails in time…

    Have a fantastic weekend,

    • 3peaksblog says:

      Good morning Risto and Thank You!

      YES! Grief and letting go are all so important and as you said in your third paragraph… “gratitude helps.”

      In “my studies” when I as trying to “figure it all out” I adopted the belief that the two basic emotional elements are Love and Fear. If you are feeling or thinking anything positive it comes from love in way or the other… Anything negative, on the other hand, stems from fear. Realizing that, whenever I find myself feeling anything of a negative nature, I stop and ask myself, “What is it that you are afraid of Andy?”

      Usually once I find that answer, which is typically unfounded, and the fear is identified, I am more than capable of dealing with it or vanquishing it outright once it is known.

      Teaching children how to recognize and deal with fear is straight up “good parenting.” Teaching them how to face fear with faith… even more so!

      My daughter graduates college in four days. Needless to say, right now, she has a bit of fear going on as she is facing “real life” head on, or will be quite soon. So right now as a parent part of my job is to still help her to manage her fear and my way of doing that is by expressing in every conversation how much faith that I have in her and always have had in her… I can’t tell you how exciting of a time this is for me as her Dad. 🙂

      Again Risto, thank you for reading and thank your for your kind words! You have an amazing week!

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