Program Your Mind The Right Way

program your mindYou can program your mind, really. If you don’t believe me, consider this… there is a mega-billion dollar business out there (marketing and advertising) that is busy as heck doing it for you. If they can program your mind… then you can too.

Program Your Mind The Right Way

One of the things I miss about working with computers is the absolute nature of it all. They say, “Garbage in, garbage out,” when discussing flaws in information processing, but the same is true for your mind. Garbage in, garbage out.

Looking at it from a high level (excluding the operating system level and all of the code below that) computers do one of two things, first they do nothing as they sit there awaiting input, a command or an instruction. The second thing that it does is EXACTLY what you tell it to do and if the output is not what you expected, then the chances are your input is what is invalid, not the result.

So how do you program your mind?

Is it with positive or negative code?

Even though we might not believe it to be true, there is one thing in this life that we have we have 100% control over that is what and how we think.

We teach ourselves what and how to think and that includes what we even think about ourselves. However, as what others think of us is really none of our business nor important, we often allow the opinions of others to outweigh our own when it comes to our personal sense of value.

If you want to program your mind with garbage, taking on the opinions from others, specifically about yourself, and what you can and cannot do is a great place to start.

The world is full of messages from marketing and advertising, as well as those close to us constantly telling us that we are “not enough” or “not good enough” or that we need “something else” to be of value, to be important, to be complete.

With all of this external negative input, then why do we choose to heap on even from ourselves? We beat ourselves up over the “bad things” that we might have done or things that we did poorly, yet we always seem to forget to tell ourselves when we have done a good job or remember the good things that we have done. Just another example of how you can program your mind in a negative manner.

Affirmations are a great place to start to program your mind towards the positive. However, you can spend all day looking in the mirror, Stuart Smalley’ing, and tell yourself all sorts of fluffy and happy things but unless you believe it a core level, or at the very least unless you are willing to believe it, the underlying negative will remain.

Starting today, only program your mind with the positive. If someone speaks ill of you, refuse to believe it and replace that message with a positive known truth of your own. If you speak ill of yourself, stop yourself and ask yourself if it is true, and if it isn’t offer up evidence that dictates otherwise. Finally, develop a filter when it comes to the news, social media, and advertising and what not… and only take on the information that is valuable, and meaningful…

Remember… garbage in, garbage out… do your best to filter out what is garbage or not before forming any opinions, especially your opinions about yourself.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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