Progress Versus Perfection

progress versus perfectionThere will never be the perfect timing or set of circumstances from where to begin anything. Along the way you will make mistakes, you are going to foul up, and not everything will always be within your control. But when it comes to progress versus perfection, always choose progress before perfection.

Perfection, or at least getting close to it, is a function of progress and not the other way around. You start, you do, and you get better as you go. Look at this Blog for instance… Not that it is everything that I envisioned yet but it sure has come a long way in the past couple of years… That is because I focused on progress, just writing every day.

I had to decide… progress versus perfection…do I write and publish or do I write an article and then rewrite the article 1000 times before hitting the submit button? I chose to write, I chose to publish… I chose progress.

Progress requires courage. If you believe that you can play it safe in life and make progress without making some messes along the way you are wrong. When you embrace courage and choose progress versus perfection the road may be bumpy, but at least you are going down the road.

Life is not necessarily meant to always be lived within the lines. Let go of the notion of perfection in life, be brave, be courageous, be imperfect.

Progress Versus Perfection

Maybe you know what you need to do next, but are afraid to do it… be courageous anyway! Messes and mistakes you can clean up. You can never make up time lost from not taking action.

We never know what the future holds and when it come to progress versus perfection, choose progress because if you are going have a mess on your hands it might as be of your own doing! Never assume the future is perfectly scripted and just waiting for you to follow it because it isn’t

Always choose progress over perfection in the pursuit of your dreams and don’t sweat the idea of making mistakes along the way. The real thing to worry about is what the cost is if you do not … the lost time, the lost opportunities…

When you foul-up or make a mistake while doing something that matters, others may point at you and laugh, so what! By trying to be perfect and not making mistakes, maybe nobody will laugh at you… but… when you succeed; they also will never notice you, applaud you, or be amazed by what you achieved.

Realize that perfection is a myth. Life does not have to be perfect, it never will be, and neither will you, so when it comes down to progress versus perfection, you might as well choose progress and get going!

Say goodbye to perfection, hello to courage, then go out there and do your best.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 20 June 2009 (San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Race – My first 50 Mile Race Ever!)

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