Race YOUR Race

race your raceThe other evening in our running group, a runner told me that she never ever wanted to run more than a half-marathon. After thinking about it I told her that was perfectly fine, that whatever her distance was the key is to “race your race” and do your very best.

Our brief exchange got me thinking about a few things… I like to think of myself as a rather accomplished 100 mile runner but does that make me a “better runner” than the chap who exclusively races five or 10k races? I think not as there are many men (and women) out there who are my age who can outright crush and destroy me at those shorter distances.

Trust me, I often think of giving up the longer distances as it would make my life a lot easier but I am who I am and I do what I do. But the appeal to run shorter races and the thought that they would be “easier” I know to be untrue.

The reason I do not run 5K races and race them hard is they really freaking hurt me. Bad. I have often said that I would much rather run a 50 Mile race than a 5K most days as it is a “flavor of pain” that I can handle much more readily.

I’ll race my race… you race your race.

Race YOUR Race

While the backdrop of this writing is about running, the point of it all is not. It is about picking the one thing that you are good at, or have an inclination for and dedicating yourself solely to that pursuit.

It is also about the importance of owning what you excel at as well as owning what you might not. The runner that I talked to the other night could have easily dismissed herself a runner as she does not race longer distances like others in the group but instead she was proud and confident of exactly what she wanted to do and what she knew she was good at doing.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, then focus on that and focus on being the best. And don’t compare yourself to someone who plays the drums and may or may not be better than you. Race your race… play YOUR instrument if you will.

We each have special gifts and talents that make us unique and I believe it is more than just “up to us” to make the best of those skills but rather it is more of a personal responsibility that borders on obligation for us to do so.

Whatever your chosen endeavor is in life resist the urge to compare yourself to others either in a negative or a positive light. And don’t compare them to you either… the same rules apply. Let them race their race, you race your race.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo of Andy Wooten Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Run – July 2015


  1. Well said. A person should do what they enjoy and do it as well as they can do it instead of doing what they should do.

    • 3peaksblog says:

      Thank you for you insightful comment! I do try to shy away form “running articles” in this blog but for me as a runner, running, in many ways, is a metaphor for life as running is always teaching me something about life as well as myself. However, when the lesson, especially when couched in a running reference is cross applicable to life.. I will ALWAYS point that out and write about it! 🙂 Again, thank you for your kind comment!


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