Recharge Your Batteries

recharge your batteriesWe all become run down and get behind, and our energy which is may normally be bountiful begins to wane. It doesn’t mean you have to stop altogether but it might be time to recharge your batteries.

Recharge Your Batteries

Today I am taking a different approach to getting my day done. It seems that I have been behind on everything for about three weeks so today I am taking and “active recovery” day in my life to catch up.

First, there is how today was supposed to go… get up at 4:00, tidy up the apartment, go run at six, be back by 9:30, first phone call at 10:00, write in my blog, take the dog to the park to poop, next call at 1:00 in the afternoon, catch up on emails… etc… dinner, read, relax, and in bed by 8:00 tonight.

Then there is how today has gone… woke up at 5:30 (I needed more sleep) stalled on running thinking I’d leave at 7:00 but then decided to push the run out until this evening to have an un-pressured morning… And then getting to everything else listed above as the day happens. It’s just that I am not pushing the pace but instead coming at it all in a more relaxed manner which will allow myself to recharge in order to get through the next coming days.

When you feel exhausted and overworked or when you are dealing with stress and frustration, and you feel that no matter how hard you try that you are still too tired, and way behind schedule; it may be time to slow down and recharge your batteries.

When we feel overwhelmed and our batteries are low we become less productive, more irritable and disagreeable, and we make more mistakes. Nothing works.

Take a moment or many if needed, to pause to refocus your energy and your efforts… you can still recharge your batteries on the move… just switch your pace up some…

Start by breathing… stop everything that you are doing and just focus on breathing… if your breathing is tense… relax it. Take deeper breaths to get more O2 in the body and most importantly to you brain.

Instead of being so focused on everything that has to be done now, take a moment to list all the things you have done well and allow yourself to be proud of yourself, instead of focusing on what you have not done yet. If you got all that stuff done…then you can easily manage all that is next.

If it your thing, take some time to meditate or pray for five minutes as it is a great way to relax, renew your spirit, and soulfully recharge your batteries. Start by being thankful for all the blessings in your life.

Get yourself organized… chances are that your “space” may be in a mild or maybe not so mild state of chaos… when the world becomes overwhelming and nothing makes much sense a great place to always start is by cleaning up YOUR mess and putting your house back in order. It will give you something to do but also give you a better launching pad to take off from once you are ready to launch again.

And if all else fails… triage your stuff… does everything that you believe has be done today really have to be done today? Put what needs to be first, first, and focus on that while allowing yourself some time and space to relax and recharge.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 22 July 2012

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