Set Goals Every Day

set goals every dayYou should set goals every day and that doesn’t necessarily mean to just willy-nilly add more things to your to-do list as you should never confuse your goals or goal list with your to-do list.

Set Goals Every Day

Maybe your daily goal is as simple as just doing your best for that day. If that is the goal that you set when you wake up in the morning, great! You are on your way! After that, resolve to enjoy the day no matter what happens. Between those two goals, doing your best, and enjoying the day… How could you possibly have a bad day, really?

But beyond those two goals… if you are pursuing a bigger goal, why not commit to progress and taking action, no matter how big or small that day, that will move you closer to your overall goal?

Life is journey and each day is a gift. Set goals so that you can fulfill your potential for each day. Set goals every day to go that extra mile if needed whatever that means or looks like  for you.

You can succeed and reach the newer levels of accomplishment that you are seeking but more than likely, it will take more than a day. Just as Rome was not built in a day, we rarely actualize our own dreams in 24 hours or less as well.

And when you set goals every day – think and plan them out so that as you achieve those smaller goals, they serve as steps along the path towards your final desired outcome or result. I like to call these smaller goals micro-goals when I am working with clients. Add up enough micro-goals that you have reached, and after time, you are guaranteed to be making progress.

I have always like the big fish – little fish analogy that I came up with when I started my first company many years ago. My belief was that I could eat 10 smaller fish just as easily as eating one large one. The idea was that it is typically easier to catch many smaller fish than one big one, and in this case I was looking for many small customers and clients rather than hanging out until I landed The Big One. When you set goals every day you are going after the little fish one at a time instead of typically waiting to take action (large and massive action) all at one time – some other day – which really looks a lot like procrastination

Give yourself a chance to succeed in life and if you fail, at least commit to failing while trying. Set goals every day that will improve your quality of life but also help you to succeed along the way.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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