Sex, Death, And Running

sex, death, and runningVery close to a big birthday, I find myself pondering my own set of life’s mysteries… sex, death, and running. This has been a week where the idea and concept of mortality has been ever-present. Friends have had birthdays and friend’s souls have passed on…

Even in a meeting last night, we briefly discussed four souls who were lost in the past two weeks! In addition, right before that meeting I had learned of the passing of one of my family members… It’s a disturbing trend right now.

But of all of these deaths there is one that is affecting more than others and that is the death of one my high school classmates. See… I don’t remember much from high school to be honest, it was not a great time in my life, at all. Beyond teenage awkwardness, it was downright miserable.

And to be even more clear, I maybe only remember ten people who were in my graduating class. Seriously… but the woman whose passing that I learned about yesterday… she was one of the ten.

We were not really friends as I was not really close to anyone but she sat next to me in 11th grade English class and we did talk. I think she had rough life, hell, most people there did, but she was always nice, and more than that, she was always nice to me.

Genuinely nice… and trust me that kind of niceness was in short supply. She was nice enough for me to be able to recognize, even at that young of an age, that she indeed possessed a good and caring soul and right now that is what I remember, and with all people like that, I can guess with fairly good certainty, that her kindness and goodness was with her until the end.

So right now, I find myself feeling a mixture of gratitude for having this person during a dark phase of my life that I believe was kind; And I am sad for not only the loss for her family and loved ones but for the world as a whole because we need more good-people like that around… now more than ever.

We were/are the same age and knowing that forces me to recognize my own mortality as well.

I know that I can never cheat death and that I will not live forever but I am determined to give it my all to forestall that event as much as I can… not only putting it off but to live my life as fully as I can regardless of my age. Hence the running…

Sex, Death, And Running

Yes… I know and have known for a very long time that my “running” is at the very least a symptom of “something.” It’s not something that I do damned near every day just to keep a trim waistline or so that I can eat whatever I want… which after hitting 40 I am not able to do anyway regardless of how far I run! Running is my life and this is why…

I believe with all my heart that I still have the capacity to “get better” at the running thing for just a few more years. I truly believe that. Yes, there will come a time where my biology will ultimately dictate otherwise but for now, I do have the capacity to run, to train, and to grow as a runner. And for as long as my body agrees to that, and I honestly hold that belief, I can and will continue to become stronger and faster than the year before.

Sure, it is about the running and the racing and competition to a point, but what it really comes down to is that it is the way that I fully participate in my own life, and in a weird way, it is a way for me to make the most of my life… It may be a twisted metaphor for my life but it is what it is…

I can’t cheat death with running but running does enrich my life to the degree that my life feels honestly full and complete. In spite of everything else that might be going on in life… running always gives me the opportunity each day to do something and truly to do my best at it.

I think we all need or should find what it is that brings this kind of fulfillment, and completion to our lives and indulge in it wholeheartedly… and for me, it’s running.

Age is merely a number and beyond that, it is merely just a mind-set. Sure, I know what my age is number-wise, but my mind and brain do not equate that to what I can or cannot do, ever. Am I in denial over my age, probably… do I ignore it… pretty much. Someday, age will become a limiting factor in my life but for now, I choose to believe that it isn’t and I will press on with that belief until proven otherwise…

Sex, death, and running – I’ll skip the sex part… after all, this isn’t that kind of Blog…

I think I’ve made my point today.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By DH August 1998 (me 1998 Pikes Peak Marathon – finishing)


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