Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs

Shatter Your Limiting BeliefsDo you allow your limiting beliefs to dictate what you can and cannot do? Are you afraid to expect positive things in your life based on the past? Do you believe just because you failed once you will fail a second time or more?

All of your limiting beliefs are based on data from the past, and as I have explained before, the past is fiction.

We all have past experiences… some have been happy and amazing while others have been painful and limiting, especially when we focus on our failures. And what we choose to focus on from the past becomes the controlling point for most of us in our lives. Where you failed or succeeded then, determines what you believe you can or cannot do now.

When we realize we have things in our past that happened to us that we have not resolved then we can also begin to see that they do not necessarily dictate what the future will be. Bottom line… our past results DO NOT predict our future results, as all limiting beliefs are based on past results.

Once a limiting belief is identified then it is up to us to choose whether we want that to be a truth or at a minimum, make the decision that it will not have any more power in our vision of the future.

Do you believe the Wright brothers had any limiting beliefs? They did not care that people said that it was impossible to fly. They also did not care that the earlier versions of their flying machines failed to become airborne. They believed in a future where people flew in airplanes and holding that belief, they were able to create an airplane because they were not bound by any limiting beliefs and they persisted until they succeeded.

We all have limiting beliefs, but they are just those… beliefs. And as with any belief that we hold to be true or otherwise, it is up to us to examine that belief and to ultimately decide whether we want to buy into it or not. Sure, something may have been true years ago or at some other point in the past but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true today.

Shatter your limiting beliefs by being willing to mercilessly examine what you think to be true in regards to what you can and can not do, and if you find yourself fortune-telling your current or future results based on the past then choose to believe the opposite. Turn your limiting beliefs into unlimited beliefs or limitless beliefs instead.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 01 July 2006

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