Some Fear Is Good

some fear is good

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Some fear is good – some… not a lot… just enough in the right amounts I think. Sure, you cannot live your life in fear, or be fearful all of the time but some fear is good and personally, I think we need it!

Some Fear Is Good

First, bad fear… bad fear is when you are afraid of everything. You live in constant state of dread and are always expecting the worst to happen. The sky is always falling and you never, ever feel safe.

And the problem with bad fear, or living in fear like that is well… it just sucks. Life is not fun at all and worst than that, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, that energetic state of fear that you are feeling and emoting is hard at work attracting and bringing to you exactly what it is that you fear.

That is why they say, “That what you fear the most will meet you halfway.”

But some fear is good and this is why… a little fear means a little excitement, and being excited is the opposite of being bored, and guess what? Being bored is the opposite of being HAPPY!

That’s right… a little fear in your life can actually cause you be and feel happier… imagine that.

The problem or the trick to it all is learning how to manage the fear in such a way that you don’t turn a fear that should be a more exciting kind of fear into the kind of fear that is a total negative.

For instance, if you were uprooting your life and moving to a new location to start a whole new life… I bet there is plenty of fear there. And some of that fear is because you might be concerned about it not working out or that in the end it might be a mistake and that all of the people who told you “not to do it” might just be right.

Now if you were to focus on that fear, and let that fear morph into that completely negative spectrum of energy… sure… all of that might just happen.

BUT! If you recognize that fear and choose to see it as a positive; as in that fear is causing you life or the prospect of your new life to be exciting. Then if you view it that way, then chances are you might still be a little afraid, but you are going to feel more alive and therefore more happy and confident about the new path that you are going down.

A lot of fear or living in fear is bad… some fear is good and actually necessary for our learning, growth, and evolution through life… a little or some fear is good because it means you are NOT in your comfort zone anymore where, well, nothing happens or is going to happen.

So if you are feeling a little fearful about an upcoming life-change… take a moment to reflect the reasons for your fear, and what direction it is coming from. It might just be the good kind of fear after all and if it is… enjoy it! It means you are alive and living!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 09 October 2009 (Me, bungee jumping in Acapulco, Mexico.)

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