Start When You Are Not Ready

start when you are not readyClients come from all sorts of backgrounds and all of them are at various stages of success in his or her life. However, two of my newest clients are distinctly different from any previous clients and my challenge is in teaching them how to start when you are not ready.

Start When You Are Not Ready

If you are familiar at all with the DISC behavior profiles at all both of my newest clients, one a him and the other a her, are both off the chart I’s if I had to guess. Myself, I am a D, and a very strong D.

Both of these clients have amazing visions and ideas for two completely different kinds of businesses that they each want to create. They have not only ideas… they have TOO MANY OF THEM. So many in fact that they are stuck and have been stuck for a very long time without anything getting done or accomplished or to move them forward in any way, shape, or form.

So my job as their coach is to just that… to get them started…

The things that hold them back… not focusing on one thing at a time… waiting for the perfect time… waiting for others to come on board with them… waiting for the funding to do everything at one time… indecisiveness of what kind of business entity to form… not knowing which particular vendor out of many others that they may want to deal with… etc.. The list just goes on and on.

They are still waiting until they are ready and if they were to keep doing that… well, that is all they will ever do.

You have to start when you are not ready… that’s the first lesson I learned building my business. You cannot get everything in order the way you want it to be right off the bat. You have to start somewhere and more often than not that means starting when you are not ready.

And given their particular behavior types, they are more challenged. They are the visionaries, the idea people, the planners but not necessarily the ones to kick things into action, take action, or to follow through. Therefore, my challenge as their coach is to help them to see things on the micro level, define what they can do NOW that needs to be done and help to insure they do just that.

The best trick that I have found so far is to have them work with blinders on in a sense. We figure out what needs to be done in small chunks a week or two at a time so that they do not get overwhelmed. Then we just build from that.

If you are struggling with something that you want to get done and are having problems with even starting, try to not look at the big picture and don’t become stuck waiting for the time when you feel you are ready… Just start… start when you are not ready with most simple of tasks and go from there.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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