Stop Complaining – Do This Instead

I could complain about many things today but I know that beyond the initial release of venting that complaining never solves anything.

If anything, complaining about a situation will only make it worse, especially if you take The Law of Attraction into account. When you are complaining about something you are focusing all of your energy in that direction and since complaining is never positive, then guess what you will attract more of… exactly what you are complaining about.

Have you ever noticed how complaining can be contagious too? One person complains, then someone else has to hop in and complain more than the first person, often times in an attempt to one up him or her. The more people there are will only make it worse. Think of all of that negative energy generated that serves no purpose and in the end probably only makes everyone feel worse.

Break out of your habit of complaining. You are not powerless. Instead of choosing to complain, decide to have other thoughts or just do something to fix the situation. Focus on the positives and you will find ways to handle any challenge, and to find a solution for whatever it is that you are complaining about.

Here are five things you can do instead of complaining:

  1. Practice Gratitude – Complaining usually involves focusing on what you do not have. When you focus on what you have and are grateful for it, you are just naturally going to feel better. In addition, it is impossible for your brain to hold two thoughts at the same time. What that means is you cannot be grateful and complain at the same time.You-cannot-experience
  2. Let Things Go – If you can change a situation or makes things better rather than complaining about it, then do it. If you can’t change it or make it better then release it from you attention and let things go. Let go of everything that is beyond your control and act on the things that you can control.
  3. Focus On Your Wins When you focus on your successes and your wins you are going to feel better than you would if you just complained about everything. When you stop complaining, or refuse to complain, and begin focusing on your wins and successes instead, then you are on the path to more wins in the future.
  4. Refuse To Be A Victim – The people who complain the most are also those whom nothing is ever their fault. They are the perpetual victims in life, refusing to take any responsibility for anything. Refuse to be a victim and instead of complaining about your life, take some steps to change things.
  5. Get Some Exercise – Exercise is one of the best ways ever to break out of negative though cycle in which you are prone to complain. It is a great way to shift from the positive to the negative. Who knows, maybe if you exercise hard enough you will complain about that too but I doubt it. Exercise is also a great way to free your mind a bit and give it a respite from what is worrying it and is a good way to come up with ideas and solutions instead of complaining.

Everybody complains from time to time and every once it a while it is truly warranted. The problem comes in when we just complain about the same things repeatedly and then never to do anything to make the situation or story better. Try to complain less, or even better, stop altogether and see how that changes your life’s results for you.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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