Stop The Sad Music

stop the sad musicWe had two days of getting our butts kicked in business meetings in Fort Collins and after a couple of other less than positive conversations with others, my mood driving home yesterday was less than stellar.

Actually, it felt like I was covered in yuck. To make matters worse I was still facing a several hour drive yet to get home. There was no way I could or would finish the trip back to Aspen carrying that much negative energy on and around me.

Earlier in life, I used to listen to music to match my mood. I didn’t understand the power of music to change ones state until another therapist colleague asked me “What music do you listen to when you want to change your state?”

Apparently, I was doing things backwards…

Last night, that is entirely what I did on the way home. Thanks to having Sirius Satellite Radio in the Jeep I had PLENTY of channels to choose from. If I heard a song that I knew would bring me down, I would start working through the channels until I found one that wouldn’t and then listen to that instead.

I did this for hours and it did indeed work! Instead of coming home feeling beat up, tired, dejected and ultimately down… I came home ready to kick butt and take on the rest of the week.

It works… you can use music to change your mood. You can stop the sad music and choose to listen to tunes that are more upbeat and change your state anytime you want. It might take awhile to get there but I promise it will work.

As a side note… you can also use music to gauge your mood or your energy level as well. In 2004, I went through a phase where I only listened to County and Western music and the sadder it was the better. I wallowed in that music and in my own sadness constantly. Finally, two years later, that changed and I was DONE listening to C&W and refused to listen to it anymore.

Now I am not knocking C&W music but you can find more energizing genres of music out there if you want to.

So the next time you don’t like your mood, stop the sad music and choose to entertain yourself with something more inline with the mood that you want to be in. Go ahead and give it a shot!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 17 November 2015

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