Stop Being A Victim And Fight The Hate

stop being a victim and fight the hateToday is the first day that I really feel like myself again and like most of us, I was in a state of shocked and stunned since the election results. However, as of today, I vow to stop being a victim and fight the hate wherever it may be.

Stop Being A Victim And Fight The Hate

To be honest, I am still hopeful that the next few years might not be that bad or be the end of the world as we know it. Today I had a meeting with a friend/business partner/mentor and what he told me made a lot of sense… “I survived Nixon, I can survive this.”

I think it was Einstein who said that a problem could not be solved with the same level of awareness/consciousness or thought that created it. For those who are unhappy about the state of affairs today and to come… you can no longer stick your head in the sand and passively just allow whatever happens the next few years to happen. You MUST stop being a victim and fight the hate starting today.

My eleventh grade history teacher, Ms. Wells, who was a black woman (educated black woman) who taught school in southern West Virginia who had marched on Washington and fought for civil rights taught me one important lesson in life which I live by to this day… “Your rights END when you infringe upon the rights of others.”

Well in our case, if our rights even appear to be infringed upon… we need to speak up, we need to fight back, we must! And not only ours… the rights of others as well!

So dear reader… I implore you… from here on out you must consciously choose to be a champion for anyone in this country that is being abused, marginalized, discriminated against, whatever… stop being a victim and fight the hate!

Educate yourself… if you are not up on LGBQT issues… then start learning. If you are not up on women’s rights specifically their right to control their own bodies, study what it took them to get that right.

If you don’t believe that all Muslims are evil (they are not) then get a copy of the Holy Quran and begin reading it… (BTW, I am doing just that.)

Remember 9/11 and what we said as a nation afterwards? That we would not give in, we will not stop living our lives the way we freely want to live them because to do anything else is to allow the terrorists to win. We are in the same situation folks… by doing nothing and at worse just whining and crying about “what is” right now… you allow and give permission for evil and hate to prevail. You allow them to win.

If you see or hear injustice, then call it out. Refuse to associate with any entities or organizations that you even suspect of doing that. Quit, resign, and walk on…

This was a wake-up call folks… it’s time to be active if you never were before. It is time to give evil a name and call it out whenever you can. Only by being diligent and taking action do we have a chance as a nation to fight back.

This thing happened… it’s over and there is nothing that can be done about that. But you have the chance to do whatever you can to have a positive impact for your country and never before has it been more needed than now.

Stop being a victim and fight the hate – it’s the only way through this. If we can love more than they can hate… they will not win.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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