Successful People Make Trade-Offs Not Sacrifices

Do you make sacrifices in life or do you make trade-offs? In the end they are very similar, the giving up of one thing for the benefit or gain of another. Where the difference comes in is in the mindset.

Successful people, empowered people, know that in order to gain sometimes other things must be let go or gotten rid of. They understand that maybe they must do without a particular thing for a certain amount of time. They also understand that in the end, it is THEIR decision to do so. Successful people make decisions, they make trade-offs. They do not make sacrifices.

Unhappy and unsuccessful people are ALWAYS making sacrifices on the other hand. How do we know this? Because that is all they will whine and complain about, and all that we will hear about form them regardless of if they succeed or not. Most of their complaints will begin with the phrase, “After all that I gave up…” as they go on and on playing the victim.

The problem with using the word sacrifice is that you can easily become a victim and can fall into the trap of begrudging nearly everyone in your life (friends, partner, family, coworkers, etc.) for everything that you do and might even give up. And since you are in that victim-space which is a lower-energy state than someone who is empowered, guess what kinds of results you might attract?

But when you use the word decision or trade-off, you are empowered as you realize and know that you made your choices. You also believe they are good choices as they reflect you, your values, and what you really want in life. This is also a place in which you are more likely to magnetize positive results.

So the next time you give one thing up for another, be sure to check in with yourself to see how you view it. Are you making a sacrifice (being a victim) or are you making a decision or trade-off and being empowered with your choice to do so?

What about you, do you make sacrifices, or trade-offs?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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