Trust Your Intuition

trust your intuition

Trust your intuition – you inner voice or guidance systems that quietly or even sometimes loudly tells you what to do or what not to do. Our gut instincts are rarely ever wrong and it is when we go against “that little voice” that we often find ourselves in trouble.

The Power Of Silence

the power of silence

It is important to use your voice to ask for what you want and what you do not want. And it is even more important to use your voice to express your authentic self, but never underestimate the power of silence in your interpersonal communications.

Keep Your Chin Up

keep your chin up

Times can get tough and we have all gone through hard times, and yet well all manage to get through them, somehow. What is the secret to being able to keep your chin up and being able to have a good attitude when “it” hits the fan?

Disappointment Sucks… Deal With it!

Disappointment Sucks… Deal With it

Disappointment sucks… Deal with it! Okay… of course I would not really say that so much as a closed end statement, so how about this… Disappointment sucks… Deal with it… and this is how…

The Universe Has Your Back

the universe has your back

In my last client session for the week today, my client reported that everything is going well and not only that, she also feels “the universe has her back.” And she’s right, the universe has your back, always, and in all things.

My Positive Thoughts For The Day

My positive thoughts for the day

My positive thoughts for the day – I need them, really I do. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind and to be honest I feel more like “the bag” than “boxer.” Life is chaotic, a good chaos but chaotic nevertheless.

Are You Problem Or Solution Focused?

Are you problem focused or solution focused

“Why Do So Many Things Go Wrong?” Is that a question that you ask yourself frequently? Are you problem or solution focused when it comes to how you view life? Are you a whiner or you someone who actually fixes things when they are broken?

A Silver Bullet For Weight Loss

a silver bullet for weight loss

There are no shortcuts in life towards any success, usually. But this past year I have to say that I have found a silver bullet for weight loss that I have been using the past six months and the results have been amazing.

Oy… The Guilt!

the guilt

Oy… The Guilt! Guilt and shame, especially the toxic variety, are some of the most corrosive feelings and emotions that we can have. Nothing can crush a person’s self-esteem or self-image like an overabundance of guilt.

10 Simple Rules For Life

10 Simple Rules For Life

It is time again for one of these fun posts… Life can be complicated or it can be simple and my vote is to always keep things simple. So without any more rambling, here are 10 simple rules for life.